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Mob commonly refers to a crowd of people (from Latin mobile vulgus, ).

Mob or mobbing may also refer to: Crowded People

In bullying and intimidation[edit]

In computing[edit]

  • Mob (video gaming), a monster or non-player character in a computer game, short for "mobile"
  • Smart mob, a temporary self-structuring social organization, coordinated through telecommunication

In criminals[edit]

In law, law enforcement, and politics[edit]

  • Mobbing (Scots law)
  • An angry mob; see ochlocracy
  • The Mobile Party, the people in the streets, appealed to by an English politician lacking support in Parliament (17th & 18th centuries). "A politician who lacked backing in Parliament referred to his “mobile party”— the people in the streets. (This was the origin of “mob.”)" T.R. Fehrenbach

In other uses[edit]

In acronyms[edit]

MOB may mean:

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