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Mobile App Developers
Web address
Owner DeNA
Launched 2006-02-07
Alexa rank
137,589 (

Mobage (モバゲー Mobagē?, "Mobile Game") is a portal and social network for games. The service is a platform for developers to deploy their games so that they can be discovered and shared by mobile game users. DeNA’s Japanese-language Mobage service has 30 million users, who largely play on feature phones. Mobage is now available in Android markets in the U.S., Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Canada. [1]

Mobage is a group of developers of Android and iOS mobile applications. Some of their popular titles are "Blood Brothers", "Defender of Texel" or "D.O.T.", "Rage of Bahamut", and "Marvel War of Heroes". They allow outsiders to develop for them via their mobile API to allow freemium games.


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