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Mobberley is located in Cheshire
 Mobberley shown within Cheshire
Population 2,546 [1]
Unitary authority Cheshire East
Shire county Cheshire
Region North West
Country England
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Post town Knutsford
Postcode district WA16
Police Cheshire
Fire Cheshire
Ambulance North West
EU Parliament North West England
UK Parliament Tatton
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Coordinates: 53°19′27″N 2°18′38″W / 53.3241°N 2.3106°W / 53.3241; -2.3106

Mobberley is a semi-rural village and civil parish in the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire, situated between Wilmslow and Knutsford. Mobberley railway station lies on the Manchester to Northwich and Chester line and was opened on 12 May 1862 by the Cheshire Midland Railway which was absorbed by the Cheshire Lines Committee on 15 August 1867. Manchester Airport is located to the north, although part of Runway 2 is within the parish boundaries. According to the 2001 census the parish had a population of 2,546.[1] Mobberley has an annual Rose Queen Festival, where a villager is crowned 'Rose Queen' and there are many other characters taken part in by adults and other children. It was started by Lily Green and the first Queen was Mary Richards. It is ever popular to this day (this year's Rose Queen was Daisy Fogg), despite a brief pause during the second world war.


Mobberley is mentioned as "Motburlege", in the Domesday Book of 1086. A priory was located here. Antrobus Hall was built in 1709.[citation needed]

Mobberley is best known as the home of the Mallory family: George Mallory (1886–1924), a mountaineer who died attempting Mount Everest, and Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory (1892–1944), who was air commander for the Allied Invasion of Normandy during World War II were both born in Mobberley. Their father, The Rev. Herbert Leigh Mallory, was rector of Mobberley.[2][3][4]

The church was mainly constructed around 1245. It was until recently dedicated to both St Wilfrid & St Mary although in recent years St Mary has been "dropped".

The Victory Hall was built in 1921 at a cost of £4,500 on a plot of three quarters of an acre given by Mr R O Leycester.[citation needed] The Victory Hall was built in 1921 as a community meeting place for the villagers from local funds and benefactors and was originally in a cross plan occupying about three quarters of the site we see now. It was officially opened on Thursday the 30th of December 1921. The main hall was of timber construction with pitch roof - chosen to avoid the weight of a tiled roof - with the walls designed in a mock Tudor style to reflect many of the local buildings and to emphasise its importance to the community. The feature clock - now preserved in the small meeting room - was a focal point of the village until the Millennium when it was replaced by the stunning new clock. Indeed, if you were to ask directions to Mobberley, for many years those directions would have involved ‘get to the clock at the Victory Hall and ....’ The Hall is the spiritual home of the village Rose Festival which is very different from the many May Day festivals held throughout Cheshire, although many of the pagan dances remain. The Hall hosts the annual Rose Queen procession selection night and relevant rehearsals. The Hall has always been designed with multi-functionality in mind. It is split into two areas - the main hall with sound system lighting and stage and the side (meeting) room with adjoining kitchen. In 1992, the hall was completely refurbished to the exacting standards found nowadays - a truly community facility. The Hall is also home to many village based organisations including the Women’s Institute, Village Society and playgroup and is a regular place for locals - and wider - to hold a variety of celebrations and meetings in fine surroundings and at minimal cost.

In 2005, the Men’s Club and Victory Hall amalgamated to form the Memorial Club and the users of the Victory Hall can now take advantage of the adjoining club facilities. The Mobberley Victory Hall Memorial Club - as it has been known since the Annual General Meeting of 2006 of the Men’s Club - was gifted to the men folk of the village in deeds dating back to an agreement in 1922. The journey from very humble beginnings, where the ‘club’ was merely a meeting room, to what is seen on site today began soon after. The first improvement came with the installation of a billiards table and a bar. Pure heaven! The addition of a lounge came next and then a second billiard table plus heating. Many committee members were active in helping to acquire additional parts of the site and ‘converting’ them to a more sociable use. In essence, though, the club was a self-contained compact affair where the males ‘escaped’ for a few hours whilst enjoying their pastimes. The club stayed almost unaltered then for almost 30 years until a major revamp in the late 1970’s when additional land was officially acquired for car parking, a crown bowling green, toilet facilities, bar extension, storage and a third snooker table - note the word ‘snooker’ - as the previous tables were actual billiard tables. Entertainment was now being held on a regular basis as competition grew between local hostelries for the limited clientele. These improvements have also served the club well and only required upgrades and refurbishments in order to maintain an excellent facility where membership is now available to all sectors of the local, and wider, community. The club, since the changes at the 2006 AGM, has rapidly developed again with lady members now present in all sections of the club and a growing youth section. Committee members from the ‘old’ Victory Hall organisation assisted greatly. A local farmer has donated some land adjacent to the current bowling green to the Memorial Club and this will (subject to relevant planning permission) result in a redesigned entry and exit from the site, additional parking and building expansion to accommodate the progressive ideas of the ever inventive membership.

Mobberley has seen a lot of change demographically in recent years, first the opening of the nearby M56 from Manchester to Chester and then the second, lightly used, runway at Manchester airport. This has led to Mobberley becoming largely a dormitory village of Manchester. Mobberley is well covered by pubs.[citation needed]

Mobberley plays a key role in the children's fantasy novel The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner.


Mobberley has a cricket club which plays at Church Lane, in Division two of the Cheshire County Cricket League.[5] It has many teams including a first, second and third teams, and a junior section.

The main sports currently in Mobberley are based at the Victory Hall Memorial Club - crown green bowls and snooker:

Bowls - The Memorial Club has, like most crown greens, its own nuances which make it a delight for both the novice and the experienced bowler. The green’s main defence is its speed - a quality nurtured over many years by the dedicated greens staff. A regular host of Cheshire bowls league and club competitions - as well as local league games - the setting affords 4 sided access and covered areas on two sides for those occasional inclement days. The clubhouse sits conveniently past the ample parking area opposite the green for those after-match debates and disabled access points mean everyone is able to get as close to the action as they would like. The club is a member of the Cheshire Bowls Association and currently there are 11 teams who have their base here - 3 teams in the Knutsford League; 2 in the Monday Ladies league; 1 in the Norley (Tuesday) league; 2 in the Thursday afternoon Veterans league and 3 in the Friday night league where in 2004 they set a precedent by winning the first and second divisions. League games are played each night on Monday (ladies), Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and we have monthly club competition with prize money. The veterans play on Thursday afternoons while we also have teams in the Norley league (Tuesday afternoon) and the Manchester evening News league on Wednesday afternoon.


KBL Division 1

1939 - A team 1986 - A team 1991 - A team 2011 – A team (Runners-up)

KBL Division 2

1963 - A team 1965 - A team 1969 - A team 2009 - A team

KBL Division 3

1960 - B team 1972 - B team 2010 - B team (Runners-Up)

KBL Division 4

1970 - B team 1979 - C team 1984 - C team 2010 - C team (Runners-Up)

KBL Division 5

1976 - C team 2009 - C team


1976 - C team 1978 - A team 1986 - A team 1988 - A team 1994 - B team 2009 - A team (Runners-up) 2013 – C team (Runners-up)

KBL Emmett Cup

1949 George White - Winner 1950 Colin Worsley - Winner 1952 Colin Worsley - Winner 1954 George White - Winner 1976 Lionel Birch - Winner 1979 Mike Watson - Winner 1980 Mike Watson - Winner 1988 Aubrey Raymond - Winner 2007 Mike Gittins - Runner-up 2010 Mike Gittins - Winner 2010 Tim Davies - Runner-up

KBL Walter Baskerville Cup

1975 Mike Watson - Winner 1977 Mike Watson - Winner 1980 Brian Cragg - Winner 1984 Neil Pemberton - Winner 1987 Brian Cragg - Winner 1992 G. Barrett - Winner 1994 Brian Prolze - Runner-up 1997 Bob Spilsbury - Runner-up 2006 Bruce Tulley - Winner

KBL Len Gallimore Pairs

1975 B.Graveney & Brian Jones 1983 Brian Cragg & Chris Dooley 1989 Brian Cragg & Gerald Johnson 1990 Brian Cragg & Gerald Johnson 1991 Bill Corrigan & Graham Barrett 1992 Bill Corrigan & Graham Barrett 1993 Bill Corrigan & Graham Barrett 1997 Brian Cragg & Gerald Johnson 1997 P.Cartner & Chris Jones 2001 Brian Cragg & Gerald Johnson 2006 Steve Armitage & Mike Gittins 2010 Steve Armitage & Mike Gittins (Runners-up) 2014 Darren Brookes & Dave Johnson


Our club only joined this KFL in the 2003 season when, as you will see below, success has been regular ever since:

KFL Division 1

2004 (A) 2006 (A) Runners-up 2008 (A) Runners-up 2010 (A) 2011 (A) Runners-up 2013 (A) Runners-up 2014 (A)

KFL Division 2

2004 (B) 2007 (B) Runners-Up

KFL Team KO Cup

2003 (B) 2007 (A) 2011 (A)

KFL Individual Competition

2006 Tony Crompton 2006 Bruce Tulley (Runner-Up) 2011 Tim Davies 2013 Tim Davies

KFL Pairs Competition

2003 Paul Garner & Barney Hammond 2003 Ken Davies & David Neville (Runners-Up) 2005 Mike Gittins & Bruce Tulley (Runners-Up) 2006 Bruce Tulley & Tony Crompton (Runners-Up) 2007 Mike Gittins & Steve Armitage 2009 Mike Gittins & Janet Lindsay 2010 Tim Davies & Lee Hargreaves

KFL Mixed pairs Competition

2013 Dave Byrne & Lynne Barlow (Runners-up)

KFL Jack Bryning 6-a-side

2007 Runners-Up (A team) 2010 Runners-Up (A team) 2011 Winners (C team) runners-up 2014 Winners (A team)


Playing on Monday nights, our club joined this local league in the 2009 season after the disbandonment of the Legh Arms green.

2011 – Team KO Cup Runners-up (A team)


Playing on Thursday afternoons, our club joined this local league in the 2009 season.


Our club joined this local (mainly in the Northwich to Chester area) league in the 2010 season and were placed into division 5.

2012 – Division 4 winners 2013 – Division 3 winners (A team) 2014 – Division 5 runners-up (B team)


Our club joined this league in the 2010 season – a league of only 10 teams but covering the catchment area of the Manchester Evening News delivery teams (from which the basis of members are formed).

2012 Pairs winners Gary Hammond & Dave Byrne 2012 Pairs R-up Steve Buckley & Steve Armitage 2012 Individual Cup runner-up Dave Byrne 2012 Merit winner Gary Hammond 2012 League winners 2014 – League winners 2014 – Team KO cup winners


The club has an extensive bowling history in-house which stretches back to the 1930’s. Inevitably there are gaps in each trophy’s history for a variety of reasons and, indeed, some have not been played for many years. One thing they all have in common is that there is a member not too far away from your quizzical look who can tell you the history of each and every one of them. Most of the competitions are handicap, Open, one-day and Knock-Out format but then there are the ‘oddities’ like the Dick Hulme Pairs where the ‘better’ players have their names pulled out of one hat and their partners name comes out of another. Interesting.

(A.J.) Dick Hulme Pairs

1979 – Tony Davies & Gerald Johnson 1980 – Billy Mason & Ray Sumner (Runners-up: Brian Cragg & Geoff Sharpe) 1981 – Len Mason & Frank Windsor (Runners-up: Tony Davies & Colin Hatton) 1982 – Lionel Birch & Michael Caveney (Runners-up: Frank Windsor & John Burley) 1983 – Eric Sutton & Bernard Webb (Runners-up: Ken Fisher & Norman Lovatt) 1984 – Bob Davies & Len Mason (Runners-up: Ken Hall & Bernard Webb) 1985 – Rod Shepherd & Alan Sutton (Runners-up: Bill Corrigan & Joe Bilotta) 1986 – Bill Corrigan & P.Donaldson 1987 – Joe Bilotta & Brian Cragg (Runners-up: Bernard Webb & Peter Turner) 1988 – Jim Caveney & Bernard Webb (Runners-up: Mick Carroll & Derek Street) 1989 – Peter Turner & Alf Taylor (Runner-up: Jidd Webb & Tony Rustage) 1990 – Derek Street & Bob Spilsbury (Runners-up: George McCaig & Keith Corver) 1991 – Keith Corver & J.Caveney 1992 – Gerald Johnson & George McCaig 1993 – Mike Gittins & Norman Lovatt 1996 – Eric Sutton & John Muir 1997 – Steve Davies & Jidd Webb 1998 – Janet Lindsay & Peter Turner 1999 – Mark Cain & Len Mason 2000 – Barney Hammond & A. Caveney 2008 – Jidd Webb & Gary Twitchett

Barr Trophy (Rose Bowl)

1967 - W.Hatton 1968 - J.Lea 1977 – John Higgins (Runner-up: W.Hatton) 1978 – K.Taylor (Runner-up: B.Jones) 1979 – E.Murray (Runner-up: Eric Sutton) 1980 – P.Hamman (Runner-up: Colin Hatton) 1981 – Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Tony Davies) 1982 – Peter Thorp (Runner-up: Michael Caveney) 1983 – Ken Fisher (Runner-up: Brian Mitchell) 1984 – J.Higgins (Runner-up: J.C.Lea) 1985 – Ken Fisher (Runner-up: Ken Hall) 1986 – Paul Garner (Runner-up: B.Davies) 1987 – Ken Fisher (Runner-up: M.Turner) 1988 – Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Bernard Webb) 1989 – Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: P.Lawn) 1990 – Ken Fisher (Runner-up: Mike Gittins) 1991 – Keith Corver 1992 – David Street 1993 – Norman Lovatt 1996 – Bruce Tulley

Harold Simms Memorial

This Rose Bowl Trophy was presented in 1967 but unfortunately no winners details have been engraved upon it in many of the years held.

1977 – John Higgins (Runner-up: J.Higgins) 1978 – Ken Fisher (Runner-up: Eric Sutton) 1979 – Brian Cragg (Runner-up: J.Higgins) 1980 – Brian Jones (Runner-up: E.Murray) 1981 – Gerald Johnson (Runner-up: Bernard Webb) 1982 – Eric Sutton (Runner-up: Chris Dooley) 1983 – Colin Hatton (Runner-up: Ken Fisher) 1984 – Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Ken Fisher) 1985 – Brian Cragg (Runner-up: R. Newcombe) 1986 – Ken Fisher (Runner-up: Mick Carroll) 1987 – Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Steve Davies) 1988 – Michael Caveney (Runner-up: Bruce Tulley) 1989 – Mike Gittins (Runner-up: B. Davies) 1990 – Jidd Webb (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1991 – Brian Mitchell 1992 – Gerald Johnson 1993 – Brian Cragg

The Alternative Cup

1990 - Mick Carroll 1991 - Peter Turner 1992 - Peter Turner 1993 - Jidd Webb 1994 - Tony Davies

Greensmans Trophy

1977 – Brain Cragg (Runner-up: A.Jennings) 1978 – Gerald Johnson (Runner-up: J.Yearsley) 1979 – Lionel Birch (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1980 – Ray Brandreth (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1981 – Eric Sutton (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1982 – Peter Thorp (Runner-up: J.Higgins) 1983 - Frank Windsor (Runner-up: Chris Dooley) 1984 – Jim Caveney (Runner-up: Mike Caveney) 1985 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Brian Mitchell) 1986 - E.Murray (Runner-up: John Higgins) 1987 - Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Gerald Johnson) 1988 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Gordon Ollier) 1989 - Peter Thorp (Runner-up: Frank Windsor) 1990 - Mike Gittins (Runner-up: Norman Lovatt) 1991 – Aubrey Raymond 1992 - J.Cartner 1993 - Rod Shepherd 1994 - Gerald Johnson 1995 - Brian Cragg 1997 - Peter Turner 1998 - Norman Lovatt 1999 - Norman Lovatt 2000 - Peter Lindsay 2008 - Mike Gittins 2011 – Dave Byrne (Runner-up: Gary Hammond) 2014 – Steve Armitage (R-Up: Alan Perks)

Presidents Trophy

1979 - Len Mason (Runner-up: K.Taylor) 1980 - Brian Caveney (Runner-up: Tony Davies) 1981 - Windsor Davies (Runner-up: A.Turner) 1982 - E.Murray (Runner-up: J.C.Lea) 1983 - Len Mason (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1984 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Windsor Davies) 1985 - Peter Brown (Runner-up: Michael Caveney) 1986 - Norman Lovatt (Runner-up: Bernard Webb) 1987 - Tim Davies (Runner-up: Mike Gittins) 1988 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Tommy Eyres) 1989 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Peter Turner) 1990 - Peter Thorp (Runner-up: Aubrey Raymond) 1991 - Mike Gittins 1992 - Bill Corrigan 1993 - J.Cartner 1994 - Gerald Johnson 1995 - Peter Brown 1997 - Gerald Johnson 1998 – Chris Jones 1999 - Bob Spilsbury 2000 - Peter Lindsay 2008 - Ken Davies 2011 - Jidd Webb (Runner-up: Len Mason) 2014 – Steve Armitage (R-Up: Alan Perks)

The Three Jokers

1979 – Jim Caveney (Runner-up: Ken Fisher) 1980 - Lionel Birch (Runner-up: Ken Fisher) 1981 - G.Warburton (Runner-up: Brian Burgess) 1982 - J.Lea (Runner-up: W.Bell) 1983 - R.Newcombe (Runner-up: Mike Caveney) 1984 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Neil Pemberton) 1985 - Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Gerald Johnson) 1986 - Peter Turner (Runner-up: Eric Sutton) 1987 – Peter Lindsay (Runner-up: R.Newcombe) 1988 – Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Gerald Johnson) 1989 – Tim Davies (Runner-up: Paul Garner) 1990 – Gerald Johnson (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1991 – Brian Cragg 1992 – Anthony Davies 1993 – Neil Pemberton 1994 – Norman Lovatt 1996 – Brian Cragg 1997 - Bill Corrigan 1998 - Bill Corrigan 1999 - Jidd Webb 2000 – Keith Corver

Mrs Birch Cup

1979 - Mike Watson 1980 – Bill Mason (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1981 - Len Mason (Runner-up: Mike Watson) 1982 – Chris Dooley 1983 - M.Pemberton (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1984 - Brian Cragg (Runner-up: Colin Hatton) 1985 - Gerald Johnson (Runner-up: Peter Thorpe) 1986 - Mike Caveney (Runner-up: J.C.Lea) 1987 - Bill Corrigan (Runner-up: Bob Spilsbury) 1988 - Paul Garner (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1989 - Paul Garner (Runner-up: Bill Corrigan) 1990 – Ian Davies (Runner-up: Brian Cragg) 1991 - Jidd Webb 1992 - N.Pemberton 1993 - Brian Cragg 1994 – Bill Corrigan 1995 – Bob Spilsbury 1996 – Bill Corrigan 1997 - Bill Corrigan 1998 - Jidd Webb 1999 - Len Mason 2000 - Peter Turner 2008 - Mike Gittins 2011 – Len Mason (Runner-up: Steve Davies) 2014 – Mike Gittins (Runner-up: Tim Davies)

Brian Cragg Open

1993 - A.Corver 1995 - Bob Spilsbury 1996 - Mike Gittins 1997 - Norman Lovatt 1998 - Mike Gittins 1999 - Norman Lovatt 2000 - Jidd Webb 2003 – Mike Gittins 2005 – Bruce Tulley 2006 - Tony Crompton 2008 - Debbie Gittins 2011 – Chris Leigh (Runner-up: Tony Crompton) 2012 – Jidd Webb (Runner-up: Bob Spilsbury) 2014 – Chris Leigh (Runner-up: Tony Crompton)

Geoff Simcock Open Handicap

1982 – John Higgins 1983 – R.Newcombe 1984 – Brian Cragg 1985 – Kathy Chadwick 1986 – P.Chadwick 1987 – M.W.Turner 1988 – Brian Cragg 1989 – Ken Fisher 1990 – Brian Cragg 1991 – Bob Spilsbury 1992 – Bill Corrigan 1993 – Gerald Johnson 1994 – Norman Lovatt 1995 – Nicky Traynor 1996 – Keith Corver

Mobberley Merit

1978 – Brian Cragg 1979 – Mike Watson 1980 – Brian Cragg 1982 – Colin Hatton 1983 – P. Chadwick 1986 – R.Newcombe 1987 – E. Brown 1988 – Bill Corrigan 1989 – A. Turner 1990 – Mike Gittins 1991 – Ian Davies 1992 – Brian Cragg 1993 – Tim Davies 1994 – P. Jones

Mobberley Charity

1976 – Brian Cragg 1979 – Brian Cragg 1980 – Ray Brandreth 1983 – Ray Brandreth 1986 – Norman Lovatt 1987 – Mike Caveney 1988 – Mike Gittins 1989 – Alice McCaig 1990 – Bob Spilsbury 1991 – Tim Davies 1992 – Bob Spilsbury 1993 – Keith Corver 1995 – Bob Spilsbury

Ken Rankin Open

1978 – G. Yates 1979 – Mike Watson 1980 – J. Acton 1981 – G. Yates 1982 – Arthur Murray 1983 – S. Nixon 1984 – D. Mercer 1985 – A. Robinson 1986 – Graham Jackson 1987 – C. Parker 1988 – Robert Crawshaw 1989 – A. Fiddler

Peter Traynor Memorial

2005 – David Boswell 2006 - Bruce Tulley (Runner-up: Peter Turner) 2007 - Tim Davies (Runner-up: Heather O’Hanlon) 2008 - Dave Johnson (Runner-up: Anne Jones) 2009 - Dave Clayton (Runner-up: Sylvia Buckley) 2010 – Sylvia Buckley (Runner-up: Tim Davies) 2011 – Steve Buckley (Runner-up: Bob Spilsbury) 2012 – Tim Davies (Runner-up: Bob Spilsbury) 2014 – Bob Spilsbury (Runner-up: Chris Leigh)

Bill Corrigan Memorial Mixed Pairs - Bill died in early 2010 after many years of illness but hardly a day when he didn’t smile. A top class bowler of repute (as the above honours lists will verify) - his long time wife, Mavis, fulfilled his wishes in donating this keenly contested trophy.

2011 – Dave Byrne & Lynne Barlow 2012 – Dave Byrne & Lynne Barlow 2013 – Terry Norman & Norman 2014 – Darren & Heather O’Hanlon (Runners-up: N.Clarke & Steve Buckley)

Barry Rushton Memorial Trophy - Barry was a former Bowls Secretary of the MVHMC and passed away of cancer in 2014.

2014 – Mike Gittins (Runner-up: Gary Hammond)

Snooker Honours:


Our main league, the Knutsford and District Amateur Snooker League, began officially in the 1951-52 season although competitive matches on a more informal basis were played prior to that date. Indeed, many of the players who formed the league played in local matches in 1948 before the requirements of National Service disrupted things somewhat from 1939 to 1945. Several of our founder member clubs played in the “Wilmslow and District Billiards and Snooker League” and some still do. I don’t propose to dwell too long on the history of that league - for no other reason than they have provided their own historic booklets and it was a billiards league for much of the build-up period to our league’s formation - but it is important that we understand that the creation of our league was borne out of theirs. They provided the billiards, and later the snooker, for this area from 1924-5 season onwards with Mobberley as a founder member until a one year overlap with our league. In their commemorative handbook of 1991, I am indebted to the author (Mr H. T. Staley) for mention in the ‘Outstanding Player’ section of Jack Worsley from Mobberley who later moved on to play at Alderley Union club. Jack started to play in their league in the 1929-30 season and prior to the 1939-40 season had already won at least 6 individual billiards titles and a snooker title for good measure. There is also much mention of another Mobberley based player – S. Clough – who was Treasurer (later Assistant Honorary Treasurer) from 1938-9 onwards and who was honoured for his incredible service in the 1989-90 season. In 1950-51 the first ever holding of the Rotary Cup occurred and provided the impetus for local players to create the league as so many of the entrants were from the Knutsford and Mobberley area. The Rotary Cup was originally donated by a Harold Gardiner from Bucklow Garage at Bucklow Hill near Mere and the original cup was lost in the late 1990's and replaced by the current trophy on which the history of all the past winners is engraved. The first winner was M.Pemberton (Knutsford Conservative Club) who beat Charlie Worsley (Mobberley Victory Hall) in the final.


Team Knock-Out cup runners-up: Mobberley B


Team Knock-Out cup Winners: Mobberley A


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A


Rotary Cup: Derek Parmenter


Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley B


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Derek Parmenter Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Cyril Scott


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley A Jay Trophy: Cyril Scott


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Cyril Scott Rotary Cup Runner-Up: G.I.Price


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Frank Passant Guardian Cup: Derek Parmenter


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Alan Goode Guardian Cup: Howard Randle


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley B Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Bill Daniel


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley C Rotary Cup: Roy Simcock Guardian Cup Runner-Up: Cyril Scott


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Team Knock Out cup Winners: Mobberley B Guardian Cup Runner-Up: Peter Gregory


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley B


Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley B Rotary Cup winner: Tom Mainwaring Guardian Cup: Cyril Scott Guardian Cup Runner-Up: Les Taylor


Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley C


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Team Knock Out Winners: Mobberley C


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley B Jay Trophy: Pat Daniels


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley C Rotary Cup: John Bell


Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley B Jay Trophy: Derek S.Harrison


Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Bill Corrigan Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Bill Corrigan Guardian Cup: Bill Corrigan


Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley B Guardian Cup: Bill Corrigan Guardian Cup Runner-Up: Peter Barber


Rotary Cup: Barry Lineham Jay Trophy: Bill Corrigan Guardian Cup: Bill Corrigan


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Barry Lineham Guardian Cup Runner-Up: Bill Corrigan


Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Alan Goulding


Guardian Cup: Bill Corrigan


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Peter Gregory


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley B Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley D


Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Tony Crompton


Div 1 Winners: Mobberley A Inter Club competition


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley C Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Geoff Moores Inter Club competition


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Division 2 Winners: Mobberley D Division 2 Runners-Up: Mobberley C Rotary Cup: Norman Lovatt Jay Trophy: Norman Lovatt Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Tony Crompton TSB Top Club


Rotary Cup: Bruce Tulley H.Astles Pairs: Howard Stubbs & Peter Fraser Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Mervyn Pike H.Astles Pairs R-Up: Tony Crompton & Bill McCaig Inter Club competition


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Bruce Tulley Jay Trophy: Andy Towers Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Tony Crompton


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Bruce Tulley


Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A Rotary Cup: Paul Mihailovits Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Andy Towers


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley H.Astles Pairs: Bruce Tulley & David Street Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Bruce Tulley Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Michael Gittins


Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley H.Astles Pairs Runners-Up: Peter Barber & Jim Hall


Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley


H.Astles Pairs: Tony Crompton & Mike Shakeshaft Jay Trophy R-Up: Tony Crompton


Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley


Division 2 Runners-Up: Mobberley B


Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Bruce Tulley Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Bruce Tulley


Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley A Division 2 Winners: Mobberley C Division 2 Runners-Up: Mobberley B Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley


H.Astles Pairs: Bruce Tulley & Dave Southwell


Team Knock-Out Winners: Mobberley B Rotary Cup: Bruce Tulley Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley Redwood Hire Champions Trophy finalist: Division 1: Tony Crompton


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Jay Trophy: Bruce Tulley H.Astles Pairs: Bruce Tulley & Dave Southwell Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Mike Roylance Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Mike Gittins H.Astles Pairs R-Up: Tony Crompton & Mike Roylance Redwood Hire Champions Trophy finalist: Division 1: Mike Roylance Division 1 averages: Mike Gittins Division 3 best break: Les Howard (38) Mobberley B


Division 1 R-up: Mobberley A Division 2 R-up: Mobberley C Team KO winners: Mobberley A Rotary Cup R-up: Bruce Tulley H.Astles Pairs winners: Tony Crompton & Mike Roylance Redwood Hire Champions Trophy - Division 2: Chris McNeil CFS 3 Player Trophy winners: Bruce Tulley, Mike Roylance & Tony Crompton


Division 1 winners: Mobberley A Division 1 best performance: Bruce Tulley Derek Parmenter Bowl: Bruce Tulley 69 break Jay Trophy winner: Mike Roylance Rotary Cup winner: Bruce Tulley H.Astles Pairs winners: Bruce Tully & Bob Spilsbury


Division 2 R-up: Mobberley C Team KO cup winners: Mobberley C Rotary Runner-up: Mike Gittins H.Astles Pairs R-up: Tony Crompton & Mike Roylance Redwood Hire - Div 1 and overall: Mike Roylance Redwood Hire Champions Trophy - Division 3: Ian Paton CFS 3 Player winners: Gary Nolan, Mark Holden, and Mike Gittins


Redwood Hire Div 1 & Overall Champion: Bruce Tulley Rotary Runner-up: Tony Crompton Jay Runner-up: Bruce Tulley


Redwood Hire Division 2 & Overall Champion: Paul Hodson Redwood Div 1 winner: Tony Crompton CFS 3 Player Winners: Tony Crompton, Mike Roylance, Bruce Tulley Division 1 winners: Mobberley A Division 2 winners: Mobberley B Rotary winner: Colin Hamer Jay winner: Colin Hamer Jay Runner-Up: Neil Marshall Presidents Trophy: Mobberley A


Team KO Cup winners: Mobberley D Jay winner: Neil Marshall Pairs r-up: Tony Crompton & Mike Roylance Derek Parmenter Bowl: Tony Crompton 60 break Presidents Trophy winners: Mobberley D


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Division 2 Winners: Mobberley B Jay Trophy: Neil Marshall Rotary Cup: Bruce Tulley Presidents Trophy winners: Mobberley A Division 1 averages: Bruce Tulley Surridge 3 Player Winners: Tony Crompton, Mike Roylance & Bruce Tulley Taylor Trophy: Mervyn Pike 3 Player R-Up: Chris McNeil, Paul Hodson Mervyn Pike Redwood Hire Champions R-Up: Paul Hodson Pairs Runners-Up: Robert Spilsbury and Adam McNeil


Division 1: Mobberley A Redwood Hire Champions Trophy: Tony Crompton Presidents Trophy winners: Mobberley A 6 Reds Challenge winner: Tony Crompton Pairs Runners-Up: Robert Spilsbury and Adam McNeil


Surridge 3 Player Runners-Up: Tony Crompton, Mike Roylance & Bruce Tulley 6 Reds Challenge winner: Tony Crompton 6 Reds Challenge runner-up: Paul Hodson Pairs runners-up: Tony Crompton & Steve Bond JME Pairs runners-up: Steve Bond & Mike Gittins Derek Parmenter Bowl: Bruce Tulley 79 break Division 2 high break award: Leung Yu 46 break


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley B Division 2 Winners: Mobberley C Team KO Cup Winners: Mobberley C Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Tony Crompton H.Astles Pairs Winners: Tony Crompton & Steve Bond H.Astles Pairs R-Up: Adam McNeil & Robert Spilsbury Redwood Hire Champions Winner: Tony Crompton Redwood Hire Champions Runner-Up: Bob Spilsbury JME Pairs Winners: Tony Crompton & Steve Bond JME Pairs R-Up: Bruce Tulley & Peter Hargreaves 3 Player R-Up: Mobberley B (Steve Flinders; Paul Adkin; Mark Newall) 6 Reds Challenge Winner: Tony Crompton 6 Reds Challenge Runner-Up: Paul Hodson Young Player of the Year Runner-Up: Adam McNeil Presidents Trophy: Mobberley C beat Mobberley A Division 1 best performance: Mark Newall Division 2 best performance: Peter Hargreaves Division 1 high break: Mark Newall - 64


Division 1 Winners: Mobberley A Division 1 Runners-Up: Mobberley B Jay Trophy Runner-Up: Tony Crompton Rotary Cup Runner-Up: Mike Roylance Redwood Hire Champions Trophy Winner: Mark Newall Redwood Hire Champions R-Up: Tony Crompton JME Transport Alternate Pairs Winners: Mike Roylance & Mark Newall JME Transport Alternate Pairs Runners-Up: Steve Bond & Tony Crompton 3 Player Competition Winners: Mobberley B (Tony Crompton, Bruce Tulley & Steve Bond) 3 Player Competition Runners-Up: Mobberley C (Chris McNeil, Mike Gittins & Mike Roylance) Presidents Charity Trophy R-Up - Mobberley A Derek Parmenter Bowl: Mark Newall - 56 Division 1 best performance: Mike Roylance Division 1 high break: Mark Newall – 63

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