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Mobicom Corporation LLC (Mobicom)
Launched 1996.3.18
Slogan Таны тэмүүлэл биднийг хөтөлнө - What drives you drives us
Country  Mongolia
Broadcast area Mongolia
Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mobicom Corporation (Mongolian: Мобиком Корпораци) is the largest mobile phone operator in Mongolia.

It was established as a joint Mongolian-Japanese venture on 18th March of 1996, to be the first Mongolian cell phone service. It was founded by Newcom Group, Sumitomo, and KDDI. Mongolia's Newcom holds 40% of the share.

Aside from cellular communications, Mobicom also has services including international communications, Internet and satellite communications and wireless local loop or WLL.[1] Its prepaid services are exclusively sold through Newtel LLC.

As of 2009, Mobicom has over 16 offices in Ulaanbaatar, and 30 in the other aimags.

Mobicom introduced 3.5G networking in 2009, and provides HSPA.

Mobicome network support phones with UMTS 2100, HSDPA 2100, HSUPA 2100 or HSPA 2100 bands[2]

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