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mobiForge is a mobile development and design resource site run by the mobile and web technology provider, dotMobi. Its stated purpose is to help stimulate the growth of the mobile web by providing technical resources and tools to educate the mobile development community. The site is run independently of any one mobile operator or manufacturer, and as such the content carried is operator and manufacturer agnostic.


mobiForge was launched in November 2006 as It was announced at the Mobile 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, along with the launch of

It has seen steady growth in its user base, with nearly 30,000 registered users as of March 2009. underwent a major redesign in September 2008, when both its design and its underlying information architecture was were redesigned. It was rebranded as mobiForge and moved to


mobiForge carries a wide variety of mobile related content, with free access to articles, blogs, discussion forums, and a mobile directory.


  • Regular content Consisting of technical articles & blogs written by industry experts and offering independent points of view from all around the globe.
  • Tools & reference material mobiForge provides access to numerous free resources such as mobile page templates, and developer guides.
  • Forums A number of forums for discussing mobile development and design issues, and for getting support on dotMobi products.
  • Directory An extensive directory of mobile resources, people, products, companies and services.
  • Vertical search A search feature which provides search results from many other mobile development communities.

Relation to dotMobi[edit]

mobiForge is run by dotMobi. It acts as a developer resource for dotMobi's developer oriented products and services. These include DeviceAtlas, a device properties database, and, a mobile-readiness and mobileOK page tester.

mobiForge also functions as a platform to announce product updates to the developer community. There are also dedicated discussion forums for each of dotMobi's products and services.

And finally, further integration exists between these sites:

  • page test results link through to articles on mobiForge
  • mobiForge vertical search, in addition to bringing back results from many external mobile developer communities, will also link through to devices on DeviceAtlas whenever appropriate

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