Mobile, Alabama mayoral election, 2005

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  • Sen. Ann Bedsole
  • Commissioner Sam Jones
  • Councilman John Peavy
  • Councilwoman Bess Rich


In Mobile, Alabama during the summer of 2005, the politics of the city revolved around the retirement of longtime mayor Michael C. Dow. A group of four candidates threw their hats into the ring: State Senator Ann Bedsole, Commissioner Sam Jones, Councilman John Peavy, Councilwoman Bess Rich.

August 23rd election[edit]

As expected, none of the four candidates received a majority and a run-off was set up between Commissioner Sam Jones and John Peavy.

September 9th election[edit]

Commissioner Sam Jones defeated Councilman John Peavy, making him the first African-American mayor of Mobile, although Jones made a point to minimize this detail during the campaign.