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A mobile form is an electronic or digital form application that functions on a smartphone or tablet device. Mobile forms enable users to collect data using mobile devices, and then to send the results back to the office. Mobile forms exist to replace paper forms, as a more productive means of data collection, eliminating the need to transcribe or scan paper data results into a back office system.

Depending on the mobile form application provider, some mobile form solutions allow offices to dispatch data to mobile form application. In addition, other mobile form applications can be connected with various cloud services, servers and social media platforms.

Depending on the business, the motivating factors to deploying mobile forms may vary. Some businesses implement mobile forms to speed up processes, while others institute mobile forms with field users to reduce costs associated with transporting paper forms back and forth. Furthermore, green-minded businesses implement mobile forms in order to be more environmentally friendly, thus reducing their reliance on paper, ink printing and subsequent waste.

Advanced mobile form features include signature capture, bar code capture, photo capture, GPS location form info, time form info, skip logic, etc.

Uses for mobile forms include:

  • Safety inspection
  • Work order
  • Expense report
  • Inventory report
  • Merchandise requisition
  • Invoice