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joint stock company
Industry mobile telecommunications
Founded 1994
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Key people
Thanasis Katsiroumpas, CEO
Products mobile / fixed telephony, Internet services, Digital TV services
Revenue Decrease €614.7 million (2009)[1]
Decrease €147.9 million (2009)[2]

Mtel is a trademark of Bulgarian telecommunication operator Mobiltel.[3]

Mtel won first prize in the category "Telecommunications" in the "My favorite brands" national ranking for five consecutive year.[4] Company won the award for "most powerful brand in the country" by Super Brands of Bulgaria contest for 2006 and 2008.[5]

In 2012 company adopted a new brand identity that reflects in its transformation as provider of telecommunication services.[6] The company changed its slogan, corporate music signature and logo. Design of the new logo symbolizes the continuous cycle of communication through messages, calls, mail, social networks, etc. The Infinite form of "M" represents the infinite possibilities that Mtel can offer to its customers.[7]

In 2014 company announced its new slogan - "You lead".[8] Values of the company are leadership, without effort and fairplay. In the same year in the ranking of the Business Lady magazine Mtel brand was voted as "Favorite brand of Bulgarian consumer".[9] Mtel has awards from international competition for advertising "Mobius" for 2004 and 2008.[10]

Mtel ("Мобилтел" or "Мтел" in Bulgarian /network code 284-01/), also known as "Mobiltel", is the first and largest GSM mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. It has more than 5.5 million customers. Company was founded in March 1994 but was not launched commercially until September 1995 (as Citron).[11]

In 2001 M-Тel launched its pre payment sim cards which allow customers to purchase credits prior to calling friends, this was a great success and saw the amount of customers using their network increase dramatically.

The company had a market share of about 58% and 3,000,000 clients in September 2004. On 14 September 2006 M-Тel reached 4,000,000 clients. As of May 2006 the company has 4,400,000 subscribers and its market share fell to 51,1%. Its contract customers increased to 1,7 mln, while the profit per customer dropped to 9,9 euro for Q1 2007.[12]

M-Tel logo used 2004-2012

The operator has been owned by Mobilkom Austria Group since July 2005, when it was acquired for up to 1.6 billion in one of Central and Eastern Europe's largest deals and one of the largest foreign investments in Austria. Mobiltel was the first Bulgarian operator to offer EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+ and LTE (for testing) services to its clients, with video telephony services being available since 6 March 2006 in the capital Sofia and since mid-July 2006 throughout the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts.[13]

The company is the official sponsor of Bulgarian football club PFC Levski Sofia. Since 2005, the company also organizes the strong annual M-Tel Masters chess tournament, which is attended by six of the world's best International Grandmasters.

Despite the difficult economical environment affecting the entire IT and Telco industry in Bulgaria, Mobiltel's performance remains stable with a customer base of 5.3 mln. The postpaid subscribers increased from 61% to roughly 66%. Mobiltel's market share by end Q1/2011 stays at 49.3% .

The M-Тel network uses the access code 88. Until 2003, it also used the codes 89 and 87, which had been added as the network had expanded. In mid-2003, however, mobile numbers in Bulgaria increased by one digit and the M-Тel network code returned to being 88 only.

Mobiltel owns Loop - the largest virtual mobile operator operating in Bulgaria, specially designed for young customers. In 2011 Mtel created pre-paid service for cheap telephone calls, SMS and mobile Internet bob, which is available in Austria and Slovenia too.

In 2012 M-tel was rebranded with a new logo, and the dash in the name was removed leaving Mtel (Мтел) as shown in the new logo.


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