Moche, Trujillo

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Mochica God "Aiapæc" Dios Aiapæc.jpg
Huaca de la Luna, religious capital of Mochica Nose ring Moche
Mochica ceramics representing human scene Vasija mochica Tapiz Mochica
Huaca del Sol, política capital  of Mochica
moche fisherman Mochica Headress Mochica art
From top: mochica God "Aiapæc", Huaca de la Luna, Nose ring Moche, Ceramic moche, mochica pottery, Mochica tapestry, Huaca del Sol, moche fisherman, mochica Headress, mochica Art
Moche is located in Peru
Coordinates: 08°10.0′14.22″S 79°0′33.95″W / 8.1706167°S 79.0094306°W / -8.1706167; -79.0094306Coordinates: 08°10.0′14.22″S 79°0′33.95″W / 8.1706167°S 79.0094306°W / -8.1706167; -79.0094306
Country  Peru
Region La Libertad Region
Province Trujillo
 • Mayor Roger Emilio Quispe Rosales
Elevation 4 m (13 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Urban 28,956 (estimated)
 • Demonym Mocheño(a)
Time zone PET (UTC-5)
Website Municipality of Moche

Moche is a Peruvian city, the capital of Moche District in Trujillo Province of La Libertad Region in northern Peru. It is located in the Moche Valley and was the center of development of the ancient Moche or Mochica culture. Now it is a major tourist destination of the Moche Route tourist circuit and It is part of the integrated area of Trujillo city.


Main square of Moche city
  • San Jose Festival, in Las Delicias beach.
  • Anniversary of Spanish foundation, celebrated in October of every year.[1]


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