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Model, modeling or modelling may refer to:

  • Model (abstract), a model made of the composition of concepts, that thus exists only in the mind
  • Model (economics), a theoretical construct representing economic processes
  • Model (physical), a smaller or larger physical copy of an object
    • Scale model, a replica or prototype of an object
    • Model figure, a scale model representing a human, monster or other creature

Mathematics and computer science[edit]


  • Model (art), a person who poses for a visual artist as part of the creative process
  • Model (profession), a person employed to promote, display, or advertise commercial products
  • Model (surname), various people with the name
  • Role model, a person who serves as a behavioural or moral example to others


  • Rick Martel (born 1956), professional wrestler known as "The Model"
  • Eddie Taubensee (born 1968), baseball player who was known as "The Model"

Arts and entertainment[edit]



  • Model (product), an identifier of a product given by its manufacturer (also called model number)
  • Business model, a framework of the business logic of a firm
  • Car model, a particular brand of vehicle sold under a marque by a manufacturer

Psychology and neurology[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Modeling (NLP), neurolinguistic programing process of adopting the behaviors and beliefs of another person
  • MODEL or Movement for Democracy in Liberia, a rebel group in Liberia

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