Model A (band)

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Model A
Origin Sacramento, California, USA
Genres Rock
Art rock
Space Rock
Years active 2000 – present
Labels First Modulation (USA)
Model A Music (USA)

Model A is an art rock band from Sacramento, California, USA.


Model A was officially formed in 2000[1] out of the remnants of a previous project that Brennan Rose had assumed since 1997 called 057. With the departure of the past members of 057 in 2000, Rose turned to bulletin boards at a local college in efforts to continue the project. He soon met vocalist Brandon Schilling who arrived at the audition with guitarist Patrick Wilson. With the addition of Schilling and Wilson and then in October, Eric Miranda on keyboards the first line-up was complete. This was the first defined sound of Model A, which at that time had no bassist but used keyboards widely as a foundation for the bass.[1] The band released two limited edition works, 2001's The Stir EP and 2002's Pilots of Radiowaves, under the band's own label First Modulation Records. In 2002 while recording Pilots of Radiowaves, Miranda left the group and later was replaced by Erik Christiansen on keyboards.[1] Meanwhile the band had a revolving door of bassists that never seemed to fit the band's style. Finally in 2003, bassist Thierry Sertyn was an instant fit and Christiansen subsequently left, leaving Rose to handle programming the keyboards for Model A's first full length. During this time Model A met John Sonderegger and formed a friendship after seeing Sonderegger's Atomic Prism Lightshow, and the visuals were to become a staple of Model A's live show thereafter. Their first major LP, Transmission: Lost was released mid-2004 under the subsidiary vanity title, Model A Music.[2] In 2005, Model A released Chic as a single for their spring US tour. A fall tour followed, but by 2006 while recording a second full length record, Sertyn announced his departure, making Model A a trio once more.[3] In 2007, following a their last Spring tour, Model A's progress halted due to internal issues. In 2008, Schilling and Wilson officially departed from Model A, and Rose decided to continue the project alone. After a search, Sean Cobb joined Model A following a chance meeting on Halloween night. Presently, Model A is a duo and is working on a new material for release in 2013.

Name origins[edit]

The name Model A stemmed from the band's desire to create their own unique sound that was unlike any group that they had heard before. This urge was to in essence form a new model for their music and to create an environment that fostered musical exploration, democracy, and equality in the decision making process. That model became "Model A" as it was the first attempt for the original members to work in this manner.


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2004 - Transmission:Lost


  • 2001 - The Stir EP


  • 2002 - Pilots of Radiowaves
  • 2005 - Chic


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