Modern Electronics

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Modern Electronics
Modern Electronics Oct 1984.jpg
Modern Electronics, October 1984
Editor-in-Chief Art Salsberg
Categories Hobby magazines
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Richard Ross
First issue October 1984
Final issue
— Number
March 1991
Vol. 8 Num. 3
Company Modern Electronics, Inc.
Country  United States
Language English

Modern Electronics was a hobbyist magazine published from October 1984 to March 1991. It became Computer Craft in April 1991 and the name changed again to MicroComputer Journal in January 1994. Modern Electronics, Inc. was owned by CQ Communications, Inc, the publishers of CQ Amateur Radio.

Art Salsberg was Editor-in-Chief and Alexander W. Burawa was the Managing Editor. The contributing editors included Len Feldman, Glenn Hauser, Forrest Mims and Don Lancaster. Many members of the editorial staff had previously worked for Popular Electronics but left when that magazine was change to Computers & Electronics. Here is how Art Salsberg described the new magazine.[1]

Many of you probably know of me from my decade-long stewardship of Popular Electronics magazine, which changed its name and editorial philosophy last year to distance itself from active electronics enthusiasts who move fluidly across electronics and computer product areas. In a sense, then, Modern Electronics is the successor to the original concept of Popular Electronics …


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