Modern equipment of the Bulgarian land forces

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This article is about weapons and equipment. For detailed information on history and deployment, see Bulgarian land forces.

This is a list of some of the equipment currently in use by the Bulgarian land forces.


A highly detailed description of the total military technology of the entire military including the land forces, air force, and navy, along with the active, reserve, and stored surplus equipment can be downloaded as a word document here:, or as a pdf file here:

Small arms[edit]

AK-47 Type 3, produced in Bulgaria as AKK
A Bulgarian soldier with an ATGL-L / mod. RPG-7


Assault rifles[edit]

Submachine guns[edit]

Sniper rifles[edit]

Machine guns[edit]

AT weapons[edit]


  • Bulgaria 60 mm M6-211
  • Bulgaria 81 mm M8
  • Soviet Union 200 82 mm M82[1]
  • Soviet Union 200 120 mm 2S12 Sani[1]
  • Bulgaria 120 mm 2S12 "Tundzha-Sani" self-propelled on MT-LB

Other small arms[edit]

  • Belgium 18mm FN 303 less-lethal launcher (Military Police)
  • Soviet Union GP-25 Kastyor underbarrel grenade launcher (local production)
  • Bulgaria UBGL-M6 underbarrel grenade launcher by Arsenal JSCo
  • Bulgaria UBGL-M7 underbarrel grenade launcher by Arsenal JSCo
  • Bulgaria AGL-30 30x25 grenade launchers, AGS-17 derivate by Arsenal JSCo
  • United States 40x53 Mk 19 grenade launchers

Anti-tank guided missiles[edit]

Man-portable air defense systems[edit]

Armoured vehicles[edit]

Bulgarian Special forces team in a mock raid.
Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Armoured fighting vehicles
T-72M2  Soviet Union Main battle tank 160 [1]
150-250 in reserve[1]
BMP-23/30  Bulgaria Infantry fighting vehicle 100[1] (114 built)
Locally designed Infantry Fighting Vehicle with a 23-mm automatic cannon, 9K111 Fagot anti-tank guided missile launchers with a total of six missiles and an SA-7 Grail MANPADS
BMP-1P  Soviet Union Infantry fighting vehicle 75[1] (100 delivered)
Bulgarian bmp-1.jpg
Soviet tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle with a 73-mm smoothbore gun
BTR-60PB  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 100[1] (~100 in storage)
Bulgarian brt-60.jpg
~30 are modernized to the BTR-60PB-MD1 standards
MT-LB / MT-LBu  Bulgaria Armoured personnel carrier 100[1] (~600 in storage)
Bulgarian mt-lb.jpg
Light multi-purpose vehicle; mostly used as an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
BRDM-2  Soviet Union Scout car 12[1]
BRDM 2 TBiU 24 2.jpg
Armoured scout car
9P148 "Konkurs"  Soviet Union Anti-tank vehicle 24
BRDM-2 Anti-tank vehicle.jpg
Anti-tank vehicle based around the BRDM-2 with five AT-5 Spandrel missiles
Plasan Sand Cat  Israel Patrol vehicle 25[2]
Bulgarian sandcat.jpg
4x4 armoured patrol vehicle used by the Military Police service
M1117  United States Patrol vehicle 7[1]
Bulgarian m1117.JPG
4x4 multi-purpose armoured patrol vehicle; 6 deployed in Afghanistan
HMMWV  United States Multi-purpose vehicle 50[1]
Bulgarian M1114 HMMWV in Kabul.JPG
Deployed in Afghanistan
Mercedes-Benz G-Class  Germany Armoured jeep 600[1]
Bulgarian army Mercedes G-Class.jpg
4x4 armoured G 280 CDi[ and non-armoured G 270 CDi jeep; partially armed with locally produced PKM machine guns

Artillery and air defense[edit]

Artillery of the Bulgarian army, 2006.jpg
Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Artillery and air defense
MT-12  Soviet Union Anti-tank gun 200
100-мм противотанковая пушка Т-12 Рапира (2).jpg
100-mm anti-tank gun, now used mostly as conventional HE artillery
D-20  Soviet Union Howitzer 150
Howitzer D-20.jpg
152-mm towed howitzer; principal heavy artillery piece of the Bulgarian Army
2S1 Gvozdika  Soviet Union Self-propelled howitzer 150[1]
Bulgarian 2S1 Gvozdika.jpg
122-mm self-propelled howitzer; produced locally as Karamfil; ~500 in storage
BM-21  Soviet Union Multiple rocket launcher ~100[1]
Bulgarian BM-21 GRAD.jpg
122-mm multiple-launch rocket system
RM-70  Czech Republic Multiple rocket launcher 12[3]
T813 army2.JPG
122-mm multiple-launch rocket system
SS-21 Scarab-A  Soviet Union Tactical ballistic missile 8
The only remaining ballistic missile system from the now-disbanded Rocket Forces; 8 TELs and 16 missiles with a 70 km range are in service
ZU-23-2  Soviet Union AA gun 128
ZU-23-2 in Saint Petersburg.jpg
Most ZU-23-2s in Bulgarian service are mounted on ZIL 131 trucks
S-60  Soviet Union AA gun 16
Heavier 57 mm AA gun
SA-5 Gammon  Soviet Union SAM system 26[1]
Fixed strategic SAM system used to defend high-value targets
SA-7  Soviet Union Man-portable SAM system ~100[1]
SA-8 Gecko  Soviet Union SAM system 24[1]
Bulgarian SA-8.jpg
Highly mobile short-range SAM system with 15 km range
SA-9  Soviet Union SAM system 40[1]
SA-9 Gaskin.JPG
Highly mobile short-range SAM system with 8 km range
SA-10 Grumble  Soviet Union SAM system 10
Bulgarian sa-10 launcher.jpg
Advanced SAM system used for strategic defense against all types of aircraft; has limited ABM capability
SA-13 Gopher  Soviet Union SAM system 20
Strela 10.jpg
Short-range battlefield SAM system with 5 km range

New equipment[edit]

Recently retired equipment[edit]


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