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Mode (etymology from Latin modus: "manner, tune, measure, due measure, rhythm, melody") may mean:







  • Modes (Unix), permissions given to users and groups to access files and folders on Unix hosts
  • Mode (computer interface), distinct method of operation within a computer system, in which the same user input can produce different results depending of the state of the system
    • A game mode, a mode used as a game mechanic in videogames
  • MODE (command), a DOS and Windows command line utility for the configuration of devices and the console
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode, a method of digital communication
  • data types in some programming languages (e.g. EL/1)

Popular culture[edit]

  • Mode Records, a record label
  • MODE Magazine, a now out-of-print US women's fashion magazine created specifically to feature fashions over a US size 14 with a Vogue magazine-like creative aesthetic
  • Mode magazine, a fictional fashion magazine which is the setting for the ABC series Ugly Betty
  • Fashion
  • Explosive Mode, an album

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