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Part of present-day village with the ruins of Tržan castle in the background

Modruš is a village in the mountainous part of Croatia, located south of Josipdol (Karlovac County), on the easternmost slopes of Velika Kapela mountain, in northern Lika. The population is 197 (census 2001).[1]

This now small village is historically noted as the seat of one of the medieval Catholic bishoprics, established in 1185 in Krbava and moved to Modruš in the 1460s. It later became the Roman Catholic Diocese of Senj-Modruš. One of the counties in the Kingdom of Croatia (in personal union with Hungary) was named Modruš-Rijeka County after it, too.

From 1193 until 1553 Modruš and the large surrounding estate was owned by members of the Frankopan noble family, who were living in the Tržan castle above the medieval settlement.

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Coordinates: 45°07′N 15°14′E / 45.117°N 15.233°E / 45.117; 15.233