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Modulations is a multi-media exploration into the history of electronic music, consisting of a documentary film, its soundtrack album, and a book. The project was directed by Iara Lee, the maker of the documentary film Synthetic Pleasures.

Modulations, Cinema for the Ear (1998)[edit]


Modulations: Cinema for the Ear
Soundtrack album
Released October 6, 1998
Genre Electronic music
Length 75 min
Label Caipirinha Productions
Compiler Caipirinha Productions
  1. "I Feel Love" – Donna Summer
  2. "Planet Rock" – Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
  3. "No UFO's" (remix) – Model 500
  4. "Simon from Sydney" – LFO
  5. "Strings of Life" – Rhythm Is Rhythm
  6. "Yeah" – Jesse Saunders
  7. "Amazon 2-King of the Beats" – Aphrodite
  8. "Stormbringer" – Panacea
  9. "The Shadow" – Rob & Goldie
  10. "Luxus 1-3" – Ryoji Ikeda
  11. "Atomic 2000" – Coldcut
  12. "Kritische Masse 1" – To Rococo Rot

Modulations, A History of Electronic Music, Throbbing Words on Sound (2000)[edit]

Edited by Peter Shapiro. ISBN 1-891024-06-X. Featuring: Rob Young on the pioneers of electronic music, Simon Reynolds on krautrock, Peter Shapiro on disco & post-punk, Kodwo Eshun on house, David Toop on hip hop, Mike Rubin on techno, Chris Sharp on jungle, Tony Marcus on ambient, Kurt Reighley on downtempo, and Michael Berk on the technology of electronic music.

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