Moe and the Big Exit

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Moe and The Big Exit
Moe and the big exit DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Brian K. Roberts
Produced by David Pitts
Written by Mike Nawrocki
Starring Phil Vischer,
Mike Nawrocki
Music by Kurt Heinecke
Release dates
March 3, 2007
Running time
52 minutes
Language English

Moe and the Big Exit is the 31st episode in the VeggieTales series and is only available on DVD. Its lesson is on following directions. It is the first VeggieTales episode of 2007.

Written by Mike Nawrocki and directed by Brian K. Roberts, it is based on the Biblical story of Moses from the Book of Exodus. Adapted as a parody of The Lone Ranger, it is also a sequel to The Ballad of Little Joe occurring years after Little Joe's death.


Moe (played by Larry the Cucumber) is a cowboy living a privileged life while his relatives dig the Grand Canyon as slaves. After Moe stands up to a foreman who is over his family, he ends up accidentally causing the official to fall to his death. Feeling guilt and fearing for his safety, Moe escapes to the Rockies. Later, he runs from a bear and jumps into a well only to pulled out by a Native American girl named Sally (Petunia Rhubarb) and her buffalo Zippy. Moe soon meets Sally's parents and eventually the two marry. Some years later, a "burning tumbleweed" appears before Moe and tells him to return to Dodgeball City and save his people. Talking to the tumbleweed, Moe explains that he can't speak in public. The tumbleweed then tells him that someone will be sent to speak for him. Moe then sets off for Dodgeball City wearing a masked costume so as to not be recognized. While going through the desert, he finds his brother Aaron (Archibald Asparagus) who works as a souvenir salesman. Arriving in Dodgeball City with Aaron, Moe tells the mayor (Mr. Nezzer) to "let my people go." However, the mayor rejects his demands, but trouble for the town and mayor soon ensues (such as rivers turning into tomato juice, a plague of prairie dogs, grasshoppers eating Mayor Nezzer's lunch, and other plagues that follow the biblical account of Moses). Finally the Mayor lets Moe's relatives leave. However, he has second thoughts and chases after them with his carrot army. Moe lifts his stick in the air and yells "Hi-yo Sliver away" and it starts snowing. The mayor tries running after them, but the snow melts and Mayor and his army are left in the frying sun. Sally and her family run to Moe and are reunited again.


In addition to the ubiquitous "VeggieTales Theme" and "What We Have Learned", this episode contains the following songs:

  • O Lone Stranger
  • The Boy that We Call Moe
  • The Birds and the Bees
  • God Did
  • Silly Song A Mess Down in Egypt
  • He Still Wouldn't Listen
  • O Lone Stranger (reprise)

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