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Mogen David is a company based in Westfield, New York that makes wines, including the fortified wine MD 20/20. It is owned by The Wine Group.

Mogen David is the Yiddish pronunciation of the Hebrew Magen David, which literally means "shield of David", but is used metaphorically to refer to the six-pointed Star of David.[1]


Mogen David is America’s Classic Wine since 1933. Perfect for gatherings and to be shared amongst family and friends, Mogen David is available in three tasty, sweet flavors: Concord, Blackberry and Pomegranate. These wines are Kosher for Passover and for everyday enjoyment.

Mogen David Wines are Certified Kosher.

Following Wines are currently available -

CONCORD - A nice sweet wine with aromas of fresh Concord grapes that finished elegantly.

BLACKBERRY - A delicious red that's reminiscent of blackberry jam and finishes smoothly.

POMEGRANATE - Tasting Note: An incredibly smooth, tasty delight that has the perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of tartness.

Find Mogen David Wines near you in USA - [2]

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