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Mohamed Ghonim
Born (1939-03-17) 17 March 1939 (age 75)
Mansoura, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Fields Urology, Medicine Nephrology
Institutions Mansoura University
Alma mater University of Cairo
Known for Founders of the Mansura Urology and Nephrology Center
Influences A world leader in kidney transplantation, urology operations
Notable awards Several National & International Awards
Member of the British and American Urology Associations

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim[1] is an Egyptian Urologist

He was one of the founders of the Ghoneim Urology and Nephrology Center (WHO Collaborating Centre for Management of Renal and Urological Disorders,[2] Mansoura, Egypt. He is also a member of the International Society of Urology, a member of the British and American Urology Associations. He is a world leader in kidney transplantation, general and specialised urology operations, prostate diseases, tumours of the genito-urinary system, renal stone operations, correction of congenital anomalies and urology endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery.[3]

Clinical Career & Experiences[edit]

  • Rotating Internship, University of Cairo Hospital, 1961-1962.
  • Resident, Departments of General Surgery and Urology, University of Cairo Hospitals, 1962 - 1965.
  • Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, a graduate of Kasr Al-Ainy Urology Department (1965) later moved on to start the world renowned Mansoura Center for Urology and Nephrology.[4]
  • Clinical Demonstrator in Urology, Mansoura University Hospital,1965 - 1968.
  • Lecturer in Urology, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura, Egypt, 1968, May 1971.
  • Registrar, Departments of Urology & General Surgery (transplantation) South Mead General Hospital, Bristol, England.
  • Assistant Prof. of Urology, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Egypt, October 1972.
  • Clinical Fellow in Urology, Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, U.S.A., 1973 - June 1974.[5]
  • Research Fellow, Urodynamic Lab. Dept. of Urology, University of Sherbrooke Medical Centre, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, 1974 - 1975.
  • Prof. of Urology, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Egypt, 1976.
  • Advisor to Nature Reviews Urology[6]

Honors & Prizes[edit]

  • President & Member in The Endourology Society for the year 1987.[7]

Scientific Publications & Papers [11][12][13][edit]


Editor and contributor of 47 books in the field of psychiatry and psychology in both the Arabic and English languages (see books at Okasha books.

More than 14 Book or Book Chapters

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Chapter 91 P.595 [14]

Original papers[edit]

Published more than 130 original articles in national and international journals.

Conference Presentation[edit]

He has presented many Lectures, Presentations & Posters in many Egyptian, Arabic & International Conferences.

Founding Urology & Nephrology center (UNC)[edit]

Based in Mansoura, Egypt, the Urology & Nephrology Center within Mansoura University was established in 1983 by Prof. Mohamed A. Ghoneim, a colleague of Professor Nils Kock, the inventor of the Kock pouch.[15] In two buildings, UNC houses amongst others, 160 beds, five Operating Rooms, six Outpatient Clinics and a Radiology Department. The facilities in the UNC Radiology Department include X-Ray Diagnostics, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Angiography, Gamma Camera, Ultrasound, Computed Radiography performing over 75,000 examinations per year.[16]

The Centre was founded in 1983 and owes a lot to the vision and single handed efforts of Professor Mohamed Ghoneim for its existence.[17] The Urology Foundation offer grant for visiting Mansoura, Egypt to attend the international training course on “Techniques in Reconstructive Urology”.

Dr Ghoneim achievements on the one hand and see his humility on the other. It is advised to go there to draw inspiration on leadership.[17]

UNC is now approximately 85 percent digital, enabling physicians to access and review patients' diagnostic images and information electronically and make quick and sound care decisions. The newly implemented bilingual system will greatly increase efficiency of the healthcare facility by providing integrated patient information such as demographics, reports, orders and images at one desktop.[18]

International Training Course “Techniques in Reconstructive Urology”[edit]

He started the International Training Course “Techniques in Reconstructive Urology” in 2010.[19]

Gaza War Medical Relief effort[edit]

Mohamed Ghoniem went to Gaza during Gaza War during the winter of 2008–2009 to help in providing Medical services to war casualties.[20]

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