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Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Bahjat Foumani (1913 – 17 May 2009) was an Iranian Twelver Shi'a Marja. He was a student of the famous mystic and Ayatullah Ali Tabatabaei, and also a student of Abulhasan Isfahani and Mirza Naini. Ayatollah Bahjat was among one of the most revered Shia clerics, whose religious decrees were followed by many Shia Muslims.

Mohammad Taqi Bahjat was born in Fouman, Gilan Province, Iran. At the age of 14, he moved to Karbala, Iraq to continue his religious studies. Four years later, he moved to Najaf to complete his studies under Ayatollah Taleghani and Ayatollah Naeini. He taught in the Seminary of Qom, Iran.[1]

Bahjat died at the age of 96, at the Vali-e-Asr Hospital in the city of Qom on Sunday 17 May 2009, from heart disease.[1],[2]


His followers saw him as a living example of a great Muslim. He was famous for being modest, silent and living a simple life despite access to considerable Khoms funds.

He used to repeat the following advice:

[according to Quran] if we act according to what we are sure about and be cautious about what we don't know, God reveals the path.

An interesting event is related from him and his family members. Before the marriage of his father, when around 16-17, he was terribly ill, and seemed as though would sooner or later return to God. But when they surrounded him upon what they called then a death bed, everyone heard a voice "Don't be disheartened, he will be a father of Muhammed Taqi". And after a few days or so, his father, Mehmood Behjat, was back on his two feet, nice and healthy as he ever was till his marriage. From his marriage, he had several sons, he named his third son Muhammed Taqi, accordingly to what his family experienced a few years back when Mehmood was seriously ill, but the boy drowned in a lake during his childhood, and died. Mehmood was absolutely battered with this, and thought that this was the end of his life, until he received another son. He named that son Muhammed Taqi and that boy came up to be the great Arif, Alim (Scholar) and Marja to thousands and hundreds of thousands around the world. His works and gatherings in Mosques and religious places as well as a few houses, have been regarded b people as ergonomically inspiring, and seem to leave the fragrance of a true Alim.


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