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Mohammad Oraz (Kurdish: Mihemed Ewraz), (Persian: محمد اوراز ‎), born 1969 in Naghadeh, Iran – died September 6, 2003, Islamabad, Pakistan) was an Iranian Kurd mountain climber. He is the second Iranian[1] climber to conquer Mount Everest on 1998. The first Iranian is Iranian-American climber Hooman Aprin who stood on top of Everest Oct. 5, 1990.[2]


He was born in Naghadeh, in 1969, in West Azerbaijan, Iran. He graduated from Urmia University with a BS degree in 2000. During Rory Stewart's walk across Iran, Oraz accompanied the explorer for three months.[3] He died during an attempt to ascend Mount Gasherbrum I in 2003. He and his colleague (Moqbel Honarpajouh) dropped after an avalanche. After they were transferred to Shafa Hospital in Islamabad, his colleague survived but he died 20 days later.

Successful ascents[edit]

His successful international ascents:


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