Mohammad Sa'ed

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Mohammad Sa'ed
Portrait of Mohammad Sa'ed.jpg
46th & 56th Prime Minister of Iran
In office
6 April 1944 – 25 November 1944
Monarch Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi
Preceded by Ali Soheili
Succeeded by Morteza-Qoli Bayat
In office
9 November 1948 – 23 March 1950
Monarch Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi
Preceded by Abdolhossein Hazhir
Succeeded by Ali Mansur
Personal details
Born 1883
Maragheh, Persia
Died 1973
Tehran, Persia
Political party Democratic Party of Iran
Alma mater University of Lausanne
Religion Shia Islam

Muhammad Sa'ed Maraghei (1883–1973) was a Prime Minister of Iran.

Early life and prime minister ship[edit]

Born in Maragheh, he studied at University of Lausanne, and became Prime Minister after the fall of Ali Soheili's cabinet in 1943.

Iran-Russia relations fell to low levels during his government after Sa'ed refused to entertain Soviet demand for an oil concession in Soviet-occupied Northern Iran.[1] Sergei Kavtaradze publicly attacked the Prime Minister and demanded his resignation. The Soviet and Tudeh press echoed Kavtaradze's words. The Soviets inspired their Tudeh comrades in Iran to strike and demonstrate until Sa'ed resigns. Sa'ed resigned in November 1944.

He banned the Tudeh Party during his premiership, and Arthur Millspaugh was also re-appointed Finance Minister under his administration.

It is said that he used public transportation (such as bus), even when he was a Senator. He was fluent in Russian, French, and Turkish.

His middle name, "Sa'ed", means "fortunate one."

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Political offices
Preceded by
Ali Soheili
Prime Minister of Iran
Succeeded by
Morteza-Qoli Bayat
Preceded by
Abdolhossein Hazhir
Prime Minister of Iran
Succeeded by
Ali Mansour