Mohammed Emami-Kashani

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Muslim scholar
Ayatollah Mohammed Emami-Kashani
Mohammad Emami-Kashani.jpg
Title Ayatollah
Born (1937-02-02) February 2, 1937 (age 77)
Kashan, Isfahan, Iran
Era Modern era
Main interest(s) Fiqh, Kalam and philosophy

Ayatollah Mohammed Emami-Kashani (born in Bid Aabaad, Isfahan, in 1937) is a member of the Assembly of Experts of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He has been the Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran.[1]

He has called al-Qaeda an "illegitimate child of America and Israel":

You talk about al-Qaeda. Have you forgotten who has bred al-Qaeda? It's the illegitimate child of America and Israel, but you name it Islam. This savagery is not Islam. It is coming from inside of you and it is now punching you.[2]

He is a proponent of the rule of law with the following condition,

The law comes from the people and our laws are based on Islam.[3]

At the age of 18, he left for Najaf, Iraq, to continue his Islamic education. Like all Iranian ayatollahs, he possesses a working knowledge of Persian and Arabic.

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