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For the Philippine province, see Shariff Kabunsuan.
Muhammad Kabungsuwan
Sultan of Maguindanao
Reign Sultanate of Maguindanao: 1520-1543
Full name Sultan Muhhamad Dipatuan Kudarat
Birthplace Maguindanao
Died 1543
Predecessor none
Successor Sultan Maka-alang Saripada
Wives Daughter of Macaapun Rajah Simbaan of Malabang
Angintabo (Maranao princess)
Masawang (Angintabo's niece)
Issue Sultan Maka-alang Saripada, Dayang Daragat, Layagun, Aloyodan, other nine issues
Father Ali Zein ul-Abedin of Mecca
Mother Daughter of Sultan Iskandar Jukarnain of Malacca
Religious beliefs Islam

Shariff Muhammed Kabungsuwan[1] (Malay: Muhammad Kebungsuan) was the first Sultan of Maguindanao in the Philippines. A native of Johor in Maritime Southeast Asia, Kabungsuwan re-settled in Mindanao in the Philippines where he preached Islam to the native tribes around the region.[2][3]

Kabungsuwan invaded Malabang, Cotabato, facing armed resistance from the non-Muslim natives, nevertheless successfully vanquishing and subjugating them to his (Islamic) rule through the might of his Samal warriors.[4]

Kabungsuwan was of Arab-Malay ethnicity. He married a local princess and established the Sultanate of Maguindanao in the 16th century.[2] The sultanate was usually centered in the valley of Cotabato.

The former province of Shariff Kabunsuan in the Philippines was named after him.



Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sultan of Maguindanao
Succeeded by
Sultan Maka-alang Saripada