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The Mohan Veena is a stringed guitar used in Indian classical music. It derives its name from its inventor, Radhika Mohan Maitra (1917-1981)[citation needed]. He has also invented instruments namely 'dil bahar', 'naba deepa'.


The instrument is actually a modified Archtop guitar and consists of 20 strings - three melody strings, five drone strings strung to the peghead, and twelve sympathetic strings strung to the tuners mounted on the side of the neck. A gourd (or the tumba) is screwed into the back of the neck for improved sound quality and vibration. It is held in the lap like a slide guitar. The Mohan Veena is under tremendous tension; the total strings pull to be in excess of 500 pounds.[1]

Some of the popular performers include Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Salil Bhatt (who went on to invent the Satvik Veena, a derivative of his father's Mohan Veena) and Canadian blues singer Harry Manx.


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