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For information on the other Pakistani squash player of the same name, see Mohibullah "Mo" Khan.

Mohibullah Khan is a former squash player from Pakistan. He was one of the game's leading players in the 1970s, reaching a career-high ranking of World No. 2. He was runner-up at the inaugural World Open in 1975, and at the British Open in 1976, losing on both occasions to Australia's Geoff Hunt.

In 1980, Mohibullah was caught carrying cannabis into the United Kingdom. He claimed he had been forced to carry the cannabis in his squash bags by Pakistani gangsters. However the courts didn't believe his story and he was sentenced to eight year's jail. He served the full eight years as he refused to admit to the crime or give names.[1]

Mohibullah's younger brother Jansher Khan became one of the dominant players in squash in the late-1980s and 1990s.

As there was also another Pakistani squash champion named Mohibullah Khan who was one of the game's leading players in the 1960s (see: Mohibullah "Mo" Khan), the Mohibullah Khan who emerged as one of the game's top players in the 1970s is often referred to as Mohibullah Khan "the younger" or Mohibullah Khan "junior". (The pair are not known to be directly related, but their families originate from the same village in the Peshawar region of northern Pakistan, so it is possible that they are distantly related.)