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Moïse (redirects here) is the French spelling of Moses:

Moise is the Romanian spelling of Moses

Moisè also Mosè are Italian spellings of Moses

Moise other first names

Moise French-American surname

  • Penina Moise (1797-1880) American poet of French-Jewish descent
  • Edwin E. Moise (1918-1988), American mathematician of French descent
    • Moise's theorem
    • distinguish from Edwin E. Moïse, Professor of History at Clemson University.
  • Patty Moise (1960), American former NASCAR driver of French descent

Moïse Haitian surname

  • Teri Moïse (1970), American female singer of Haitian descent
  • Lenelle Moïse (1980) Haitian actress
  • Rudolph Moïse, Florida doctor, actor, Democrat candidate for Congress

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