Molana Abbey

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Statue of St. Molanfide in the center of the cloister yard of Molana Abbey

Molana Abbey is a 6th-century Abbey situated near Youghal, but is actually in County Waterford.


A disciple of St. Carthage, called Molana, founded a little monastery - Abbey of St. Molanfide - on an island called Dair Inis on the River Blackwater - north of Youghal.

The ruined abbey is home to the remains of Raymond le Gros, one of the first of the invading Norman knights to come to Ireland, who died in or around 1186.

It was extensively rebuilt in the 13th century and became an Augustinian abbey, when it is claimed that the Abbey had an international reputation for scholarship.


The ruins of 13th century abbey - which include a church and cloisters - can still be seen today. They are part of the nearby Ballynatray House, and is open to the public for a few hours on certain days of the week.

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