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private company
Industry Mobile telecommunications
Founded 2000
Key people
Barkin Secen

Moldcell is a mobile network operator in Moldova. It works in GSM, UMTS and LTE standards.

General information[edit]

Communication standard: Moldcell has a license to work in GSM standard on frequencies from 900 to 1800 MHz in UMTS standard on frequency of 2100 as well as in LTE standard on frequency of 2600 MHz.[1]

Moldcell started its operations in Moldova in April 2000. Moldcell shareholders are: MolFintur SRL holding 1% of the shares and Fintur Holdings BV owning 99% of the shares.

As for May 1, 2011, Moldcell network is available to 97.35% of population on 96.81% of the territory of Moldova.

Moldcell was the first operator in the Republic of Moldova that started providing such services as SMS, Roaming for prepaid packages and per-second charging, WAP/Internet Access, GPRS, EDGE and 3G.

Moldcell offers products and services to its customers by means of a developed sales network on the entire territory of the Republic.

Numbering resources:[2]
Moldcell network codes are:


Internationally they have the form:


Network code: 259 02, where 259 — Mobile Country Code (MCC) for Moldova, and 02 — Mobile Network Code (MNC) for Moldcell network.

Display on the phone screen: MD Moldcell, Moldcell, MD-02 or 259 02 in dependence from the phone type.


Moldcell Logo 2000—2002

Moldcell begun its activity in Moldova on April 28, 2000. With its launch in Moldova, Moldcell introduced the first prepaid package (Alocard), as well as services such as SMS, MMS, Call ME etc., and advanced technologies like GPRS/EDGE and Camel.
On October 1, 2008 Moldcell launched its own 3.5G network, providing such services as high-speed mobile internet with speeds up to 7.2Mbit/s, Video call and Mobile TV.
On April 27, 2010 Moldcell changed its theme colors and logo.

Moldcell Logo 2002—2010


According to the information posted on its official site, Moldcell is owned by:[3]

Statistics data[edit]

Q1 2010:

  • GSM/GPRS Territory coverage - 97.15%, Population coverage - 96.81%
  • 3,5G coverage in all large cities of Moldova
  • 4G coverage in Chisinau and large service areas (2014)
  • Number of subscribers: 1115000, 27% of the mobile market
  • Voice roaming: in 139 countries in 250 networks
  • GPRS roaming: in 62 countries in 118 networks
  • prepaid roaming based on Camel technology: 29 countries in 50 networks



  • Friends & Family - Call on 5 Moldcell numbers with 50% discount.
  • IPcell - International calls via IP.
  • Voicemail - Receive voice messages.
  • Roaming
  • CAMEL Roaming
  • Happy Hours - Special call plans for evenings and weekends.


  • MultiSMS - Buy 20, 30, 50 and 100 SMS plans with discount.
  • Send Me Sport - Receive Sports news.
  • New Mail - Receive SMS notification of new mail (works with gmail, and
  • CallNOTES - Receive SMS notifications about missed calls if the phone was turned off or the recipient was outside the coverage area.
  • SMSPlus - Send SMS on any e-mail.
  • SMS
  • INFOCELL - Receive latest news reports.
  • CallME - Send free SMS to any other Moldcell number asking to call back.
  • Mobile Price - Service that allows users to get best prices on mobile phones.


  • Fax/Data - Send/Receive fax messages.
  • WAP
  • HSCSD - Ability to enhance data transfer rates in GSM networks.
  • GPRS
  • GPRS Roaming
  • MMS
  • MMI - High-speed data transfer service.
  • EDGE
  • 3.5G
  • 4G - access speed up to 100 Mbps
  • Moldcell Data Kit - Mobile internet (requires special modem)
  • Moldcell Transport Manager - Online traffic monitoring service.


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