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Molde International Jazz Festival (MIJF) (established 1961 in Molde) takes place annually in July, and is known as one of the oldest jazz festivals in Europe. It was initiated by the local Storyville Jazz Club. Since 1964 it has received government support, and the government Buddy Award was for several years awarded at this festival.

Celebrity jazz artists[edit]

Well-known visiting artists within jazz are[1][2][3]

Free concerts at the Molde town hall plaza. The Molde panorama mountain range can be seen across the Romsdalfjord.

Artist in residence[edit]

Frequently visiting artists[edit]

Street Parade at Moldejazz in 2010

The daily parade has for several years been led by New Orleans-musician Lionel Batiste.

Recordings and compositions[edit]

Concerts have been broadcast to the EBU, the first was Guttorm Guttormsen's quintet (1974), later Jan Gunnar Hoff Group (1996). The NRK transmit daily. The composition Break of day in Molde (1969) was composed by Johs. Bergh and Karin Krog, based on Carla Bley's Ida Lupino. Live recordings include

Pop artists[edit]

Concerts co-occurring with the jazz festival include[5] blues-, rock- and pop-musicians such as


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