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"Moliendo Café" is a song by Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco. It was composed in 1958, when Blanco was 18 years old. Blanco's version hit #1 in Argentina and Japan in 1961.[1][2]

The story goes that Blanco's uncle, Jose Manzo Perroni, helped him compose it. In later years, Perroni claimed that he created the melody and sued his nephew.[3]

The first recording of "Moliendo Café" was made by Mario Suárez. Many consider Cuban singer Xiomara Alfaro's version to be the definitive Spanish-language version.[who?] Her version peaked at #1 in Peru.[4] Lucho Gatica's version of the song peaked at #3 in Spain.[5] Mina's version topped the Italian singles chart and was the #11 track on the end of year chart.[6] At present, the song has more than 800 versions in many languages. In Japan, the song's title was "Coffe Rumba". In Indonesia, the song's title was Kopi Dangdut and was a mega hit song of 1991 in Indonesia. Ricardo Montaner performed a cover of this song on his 2001 album, Sueño Repetido.

"Moliendo Café" became a popular chant by soccer fans around the world. The chant is widely known as Dale Cavese and has the same tune as the song.


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