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Type Bread
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A mollete (Spanish pronunciation: [moˈʎete]) is a typical food of Mexico and a kind of bread in Spain.

In Spain[edit]

Manteca colorá (English: red lard), is lard cooked with pork, paprika (which gives it its rich colour) and other spices and herbs. It is most popular in Andalusia where it is mostly spread on toasted molletes.

A mollete is a kind of bread roll from the Andalusian region, in southern Spain. It is a soft round white bread, usually served lightly toasted with olive oil and raw garlic or spread with lard (usually in the forms of manteca colorá or zurrapa de lomo) in an Andalusian breakfast. The most famous are the ones from Antequera, Málaga.

In Mexico[edit]

A mollete is made with bolillos sliced lengthwise, spread with frijoles, and topped with chihuahua cheese. It is then grilled in an oven until the cheese melts. The frijoles need to be on the sweeter side, not bitter or heavy.

Mexican molletes

Molletes in Mexico are usually served with salsa or pico de gallo. Molletes may also be topped with sliced ham, chorizo, bacon or mushrooms.

There is also a "sweet type" mollete. It is made by putting butter over the bolillo and then sprinkling sugar or honey over it and broiling until crisp.

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