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Molly Dineen (born 1959, Canada) is a BAFTA and Royal Television Society award winning UK television documentary director, cinematographer and producer.

Born in Canada and brought up in Birmingham she originally studied photography at the London College of Printing but switched to cinematography. She first achieved widespread recognition for her 1987 Home from the Hill documentary about retired Colonel Hilary Hook's return to the UK from Africa.

Other notable documentaries include The Heart of the Angel, an edition of Cutting Edge, The Ark, In the Company of Men (about a company of the Welsh Guards regiment of the British Army), Tony Blair (a short profile of the Prime Minister produced as a party political broadcast and screened on all four channels for the general election campaign in 1997) and Geri (about Geri Halliwell filmed shortly after she left The Spice Girls) and The Lord's Tale, about the hereditary lords losing their seats in the Lords due to the House of Lords Act 1999.

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