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Momo may refer to:





  • Momo (singer) (born 1974), J-pop singer who is a former member of "I've Sound" and a member of Por
  • Rei Momo, a 1989 album by David Byrne
  • Mohammed Fairouz (born 1985), an American composer
  • "Momo", a Jazz instrumental song by Mindi Abair, from the album It Just Happens That Way
  • Momoko Tsugunaga (born 1992), j-pop singer and idol, member of group Berryz Koubou

Western culture[edit]

  • Momo (novel) (alternatively The Grey Gentlemen), a 1973 novel by Michael Ende
    • Momo (film), a 1986 film based on Ende's novel
    • Momo (2001 film) (it) (Momo alla conquista del tempo), an animated Italian film by Enzo D'Alò based on Ende's novel
  • King Momo (Carnival character), portrayed in numerous Latin American festivities
  • Momo the Monster, a legend originating in Missouri, in the United States
  • Momo, character from the novel The Life Before Us (La Vie devant soi), by Romain Gary (as Émile Ajar), and the novel's UK title
  • Momus or Momos, a Greek god

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