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Mon Chéri chocolates.

Mon Chéri is an internationally known brand name of the Italian Ferrero company for a chocolate confectionery.

The Mon Chéri is a single-wrapped combination, consisting of a "heart" of cherry, floating in a liqueur and contained in a plain chocolate housing. Each Mon Chéri contains 46 calories and is packaged in a red/pink wrapper.[1] There is no disclaimer on the packaging denoting the liqueur center, but the labeling lists kirsch and likör.

Mon Chéri is French for "My darling". Mon chéri has been produced since 1960 where it was first introduced to the French, Belgian and UK markets.[citation needed] It was introduced to the German market a year later.[citation needed] The Mon Chéri name was chosen as a reference to the French way of life and was quickly adopted as brand name for the international market.

The cherries used to make Mon Chéri comes from Fundão, in Cova da Beira rural area, Centro Region, Portugal. Annually Ferrero buys 150,000 tons of fruit to produce this candy.[citation needed]

In the American market, Mon Chéri was actually filled with hazelnuts and did not contain liqueur,[citation needed] similar to the Ferrero Küsschen that is sold in Germany and Denmark. After more than 20 years in production, this variety was discontinued by Ferrero, except in Puerto Rico where it is imported from Germany as "Mon Cheri".[citation needed] Most other markets, however, still sell the cherry-filled Mon Chéri.


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