Mon Mane Na (2008 film)

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Mon Mane Na
Directed by Sujit Guha
Produced by Surinder Films
Starring Dev
Koel Mallick
Music by Jeet Ganguly
Release dates
5 December 2008
Country India
Language Bengali
Budget 2.1 cr
Box office 2.80 Cr.

Mon Mane Na (Bengali: মন মানে না "") is a Bengali romance Movie was released in 2008,directed by Sujit Guha, the movie featured Dev, Koel Mallick.[1][2] This movie is a remake if the Malayalam movie Vettam which itself is adapted from the 1995 American romantic comedy movie French Kiss.


Rahul (Dev) & Ria (Koel Mallick) met as they are independently travelling to Siliguri. Ria is running away to meet her boyfriend while Rahul’s reason is sell his steal. The destination however for both are the hills of Darjeeling.

Rahul and Ria are bound by fate here onwards. They knowingly steps into each other's life as well as behind each other’s back as they travel, as Rahul hides his steal in Ria’s bag. It gets into the hands of a thief…… For Rahul the steal is the only hope, and that is something Ria realizes on visiting Rahul’s family.Things take a turn around when Ria is heart broken, as her relationship with her boyfriend falls apart.

She offers to aid Rahul one hand and makes a deal with her father on the other. As things falls into place for one. The world shatters for the other.

Couples are made in heaven…… Love becomes inevitable when two people cross each other’s path and passes through the good and the bad times.

Rahul and Ria meet again but in an altogether different circumstances. Not in Earth. This time neither is it in an alien land nor are they alone.But in the last,they both confess their love,and get married.


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