Monarchist National Party

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Monarchist National Party
Leader Alfredo Covelli
Founded June 13, 1946 (1946-06-13)
Dissolved April 11, 1959 (1959-04-11)
Merged into Italian Democratic Party
Ideology Conservatism,
Political position Right-wing
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Monarchist National Party (Partito Nazionale Monarchico, PNM) was a political party in Italy founded in 1946, uniting conservatives, liberal conservatives, conservative liberals and nationalists. It was a right-wing competitor to Christian Democracy and was especially strong in Southern Italy.[1]

The party's best electoral result was in the 1953 general election, when the party scored 6.9% and came fourth after Christian Democracy, the Italian Communist Party and the Italian Socialist Party.[2]

In 1954 the party suffered a major split led by Achille Lauro, mayor of Naples from 1952 to 1957, who formed the People's Monarchist Party (PMP), which was closer to Christian Democracy.[1][3] In the 1958 general election, the PNM won 2.2% of the vote, while the rival PMP 2.6%.[4]

In 1959 the two monarchist parties joined forces in the Italian Democratic Party (PDI).[1][3]


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