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The Monash University Faculty of Science is one of the largest science faculties in Australia, with about 3,500 students. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, from bachelor's degrees through to PhD. Originally, it was based entirely at Monash's Clayton campus, but since the 1990s it has extended to Gippsland and Malaysia.[1]

The faculty offers units of study in biological sciences, chemistry, geosciences, mathematics, and physics, among others. The School of Chemistry within the faculty was ranked the best in Australia for both teaching and research in 2009.[2]

Associated with the faculty are a number of student societies, including the Monash Science Society, the Biological Society, the Biomedical Society, the Monash Environmental Science Students Association, Monash University Geology Students, the Society of Physics and Mathematics and the Monash Weather and Climate Society.[3]

The faculty has been strengthened by the opening of the Australian Synchrotron at the Clayton campus (open 31 July 2007), and the establishment of the Monash Centre for Synchtrotron Science, with which the faculty is affiliated. However, The Sunday Age recently reported that because of uncertainty around state and federal funding, the synchtrotron facility may be closed as of 2012.[4]

The faculty operates a number of other major research facilities such as the Monash University Centre for Green Chemistry, the Monash Centre for Astrophysics, the Centre for Biodiversity and two observatories.

Financial Exigency Issues[edit]

In 2010 the University offered widespread voluntary redundancies to staff to ease budget pressures.[5][6] In August 2010, Monash announced the appointment of a new Dean of Science, Scott O'Neill.[7] In 2011 the Faculty of Science was not able to avert further budgetary problems and entered a period of 'financial exigency' that led to forced severance of up to 4 tenured staff.[8][9] This resulted in news media- and union-publicised friction between researchers and the Faculty of Science management.

Notable alumni[edit]

The Faculty of Science has produced a number of notable graduates who are leaders in their field, including: