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The Monastery of St Saviour (locally also known as San Salvador monastery) is a Franciscan monastery located east of Jerusalem's New Gate, inside the city wall, on 1 St. Francis Street. The site was purchased from the Georgian Christians in 1560, and the monastery was constructed in stages. The church was built 1885, and was renovated in 1985 The site includes a printing press, an organ workshop, a library and a school.

In November 1917 St. Saviour's Monastery was dynamited by order of Jemal Pasha the dictator of Jerusalem during the First World War.[1]

The clock tower of the monastery
Church of St Saviour

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Coordinates: 31°46′44″N 35°13′39″E / 31.77889°N 35.22750°E / 31.77889; 35.22750