Monchy, Saskatchewan

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Port of Entry
Border Crossing
Border Crossing
Monchy is located in Saskatchewan
Location of Monchy
Coordinates: 49°01′00″N 107°50′02″W / 49.016667°N 107.833889°W / 49.016667; -107.833889
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Region Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality Val Marie No. 17
Post Office Established 1917-08-01
Post Office Closed 1951-04-21
Time zone CST
Area code(s) 306

Monchy is a former settlement in Saskatchewan, Canada on the border with the United States. Monchy is the transition point between Saskatchewan Highway 4 and U.S. Route 191. Originally a small settlement it is now primarily a border crossing. On the opposite side of the border in Morgan, Montana.

The border crossing is staffed by the Canadian Border Services Agency during the day and closed at night.[2] The border crossing consists of a customs building, residence and three storage buildings[3] Growing pressure exists on both the Canada and US side of the border to expand the border crossing to 24-hour operation,[4]

Notable people[edit]

  • George Spence - Member of Provincial Legislature (1917–1925, 1927–1938) and Member of Parliament (1925–1927)


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Coordinates: 49°01′00″N 107°50′02″W / 49.01667°N 107.83389°W / 49.01667; -107.83389