Moncton East (electoral district)

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For the former electoral district of the same name, see Moncton East (1974-2014 electoral district).
Moncton East
Flag of New Brunswick.svg New Brunswick electoral district
Moncton East (2014-).png
The riding of Moncton East in relation to other southeastern New Brunswick electoral districts
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
District created 2013
First contested 2014
Population (2011) 15,387
Electors (2013) 11,558
Census divisions Westmorland, Kent
Census subdivisions Moncton

Moncton East is a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada. It will first be contested in the 2014 general election, having been created in the 2013 redistribution of electoral boundaries.

The electoral districts of Moncton East (2006-2014) and Moncton East (2014-) as they relate to the City of Moncton.

The district includes the northeastern most parts of the city of Moncton, as well as neighbouring suburban communities northeast of Moncton, stretching into the edge of Kent County.

Though the district shares a name with an immediate predecessor, this district took in only 32% of the old district of Moncton East, the majority of which actually went to Moncton Centre where incumbent Chris Collins intends to run.

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