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Original Moncton Museum
Moncton Museum.jpg
Established 1974 - 2013

20 Mountain Road

Moncton, New Brunswick
Type Municipal

Until March 2013, this location was called Moncton Museum and is still a municipal museum located in Moncton, New Brunswick. The museum is dedicated to keeping a record of the history of the Metro Moncton area. It does so through the preservation of various mediums which include but are not limited to photographs, census records, and a research library with relevant texts and genealogical records. Approximately one third of the display area is devoted to the permanent displays and the remainder is used for traveling shows.

The museum opened in 1974 and the design incorporates the facade of the old Moncton City Hall. The museum is located near downtown Moncton next to the historical Moncton Free Meeting House which is one of the oldest surviving structures in the city.

In February 2012, the museum closed for major renovations; it is scheduled to reopen in the summer of 2013.[1]

In March 2013, the museum officially changed it name to Resurgo Place and is scheduled to reopen in October 2013. The museum is scheduled to include a Transport Museum and the visitors centre from[2]


The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.


  1. ^ Renovations, Closing until 2013 will become the Transportation Discovery Centre.
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