Monday Morning (Christina Aguilera song)

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"Monday Morning"
Song by Christina Aguilera from the album Bionic
Format Digital download


Genre New wave, funk, disco
Length 3:54
Label RCA
Writer Christina Aguilera, Santi White, John Hill, Dave Taylor, Sam Endicott
Producer John Hill, Switch
Bionic track listing
"Monday Morning"
"Bobblehead"(Deluxe edition)

"Monday Morning" is a song by American recording artist Christina Aguilera, taken from the deluxe version of her sixth studio album Bionic (2010). The song was written by Aguilera, Santi White, John Hill, Dave Taylor, Sam Endicott and produced by Hill and Switch. It is a new wave song, with elements of funk and disco.

The song presents Aguilera like a party girl, complaining about her neighbors and recommending us to forget about the Monday morning. The song received general praise from music critics, who noted that the song is better than many songs present on the album's original version and commended the song for being original, while also referring No Doubt and its vocalist Gwen Stefani as influences. Following the release of Bionic, the song charted at number 22 on the Gaon International Download Chart.


In an interview for Sirius XM Radio, Aguilera revealed that she was working with different artists, such as Santigold, who also contributed to "the album's title track 'Bionic'".[1] Aguilera commented: "I think I'm most proud of this work than I've ever been, just because I worked with so many amazing and incredibly talented people. I got a chance to sort of write with Santigold, M.I.A., Lady Tron — artists that I really love."[2]

Aguilera also explained to Today host Matt Lauer in 2010, how becoming a mother served as an inspiration for Bionic's sonic adventures:

"I was completely inspired by a lot of electronica music when my son was born and we both were listening to it a lot together". "You know, having a child makes you think of the future and the next generation, and I got really inspired by electronica, which is so no-holds-barred with its sound and technology, and I wanted to really experiment with that. He definitely inspired a very playful side of me that I didn't have prior to having him. He really inspired this album... and got me really in touch with my original pop roots of a decade ago, so it's been really fun.[3]

Composition and lyrics[edit]

A 30 second sample of "Monday Morning", a new wave, disco song about partying, without worries.

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"Monday Morning" was written by Aguilera, Santi White, John Hill, Dave Taylor, Sam Endicott and produced by Hill and Switch.[4] It is a new wave pop song,[5] with elements of funk and disco.[6] According to Becky Bain of Idolator, the 70s-inspired funk jam sounds like something that might be on a Scissor Sisters album.[6] Dan Martin of NME described it as a disco jam that sounds like Gwen Stefani doing "Borderline".[7] Nick Levine of Digital Spy wrote that the song sounds like a great lost cut from No Doubt's Rock Steady album.[8]

"Hey, forget about your Monday morning, we are never gonna be that boring," sings Christina, foregoing her typical loud power notes so she can sing talk over a dance beat.[6] The lyrics (which include lines like "I threw a party, it went all night, told everyone to stay / Neighbors called in to complain and rain on our parade / They told me to use my head and keep my focus straight / Shame on so all of you for being so stiff and strait-laced") presents Christina like a party girl, but don’t resort to cursing, thinly veiled euphemisms for dirty sex, or straight-up references to sex like many of the other Bionic tracks.[6]

Some critics suggested that the song sounds like the work of the American recording artist Gwen Stefani and her band No Doubt.

Critical reception[edit]

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic named it "a perfect new wave pop."[5] Becky Bain of Idolator commented: "It’s so good, we’re wondering why Christina Aguilera picked generic pop dreck like Not Myself Tonight to be on the regular version of her album instead of this fun disco dance tune. It is an unique song that have helped push Aguilera in a more ambitious musical direction."[6] Brad Steirn of "MuuMuse" also opined: "Perhaps if the album had been separated into a more logical two-disc process–a side for serious contemplation and sophisticated pop such as 'Birds of Prey,' 'Monday Morning', the package itself would be more appealing.[9] Pip Ellwood of "Entertainment Focus" described the song, writing: "With the help of indie-cool artist Santigold, Aguilera has created a different sound for herself that straddles electronica and pop. Her voice is restrained, the screeching is completely absent and the sound is fresh and innovative."[10] Javi of EQ Music also enjoyed the track, writing the following: "It's a funky, breezy, summertime track with a simple, addictive chorus that might make Gwen Stefani insanely jealous. Christina’s delivery is perfectly dreamy. The lyrics about shunning the mundane and a rock star house-party hangover are playful and refreshing."[11]

Chart performance[edit]

Upon the release of Bionic, "Monday Morning" debuted at number 22 on the Gaon International Downloads Chart on the chart issue June 20, 2010.[12] On the chart issue June 26, 2010, the song only fell to number 25.[13]

Credits and personnel[edit]

Recording locations
  • Recording: Dubsided, Los Angeles, California; Dreamland Studios; Mad Decent Mausoleum, Philadelphia, PA
  • Vocal recording – The Redlips Room, Beverly Hills, California.
  • Songwriting – Christina Aguilera, Santi White, John Hill, Dave Taylor, Sam Endicott
  • Production – John Hill, Switch
  • All instruments – John Hill, Switch

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Bionic, RCA Records.[14]


Chart (2010) Peak
Gaon International Chart[12] 22


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