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Монголын Үндэсний Олон Нийтийн Телевиз
Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB)
lit. Mongolian National Public Television
Launched September 27, 1967
Owned by Mongolian Government
Country Mongolia
Broadcast area Mongolia
Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Formerly called Mongolian National Television (MNTV)

The Mongolian National Broadcaster (or MNB) is the official, state-funded television channel in Mongolia. The broadcast hours is 17 hours a day, from 07:00 to midnight. MNB also broadcasts sports including Niislel League and Premier League


On September 27, 1967, the Mongolian National Television started broadcasts, and with it started Mongolian TV Broadcasting. Initially all programmes were broadcast live but in December 1971 the Mongolian TV studios opened and another important step towards improving the quality of the images and enabling the pre-recording of documentaries and short films was taken. This in turn enabled the broadcast schedule to become much more varied and entertaining. Since the 1980s Mongolian National Broadcaster began working with a new generation of equipment made in Japan, France and Russia and this, along with a new TV centre being put in to commission, made the transition to colour possible.

Until the mid-1980s programs were only watched by a small percentage of the population but with the help of radio relay lines reception was extended. In 1991 it began broadcasting via the Asiasat satellite and this allowed its programs to be received in even the remotest parts of Mongolia. Today some 70% of the country's population watch the national TV channel.


Since its foundation the Mongolian National Broadcaster had been working to develop its international relations and co-operate with international broadcasters. In January 1997 it became a full member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. As well as broadcasting domestically produced materialit also has program exchanges with Russian Public TV, NHK, CNN, ZDF and Deutsche Welle.


MNB was criticized after the 2008 State of emergency for broadcasting biased news favoring the ruling Mongolian People's Party, despite being a neutral channel. They accepted the allegations.[1]

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