Moni Naor

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Moni Naor
Born 1961
Citizenship Israeli
Fields Computer Science, Cryptography
Institutions Weizmann Institute of Science
Alma mater Technion
University of California, Berkeley
Doctoral advisor Manuel Blum
Doctoral students

Danny Harnik
Tzvika Hartman
Yehuda Lindell
Kobbi Nissim
Benny Pinkas
Omer Reingold
Alon Rosen
Udi Wieder

Avishai Wool

Moni Naor (Hebrew: מוני נאור‎) is an Israeli computer scientist, currently a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Naor received his Ph.D. in 1989 at the University of California, Berkeley. His advisor was Manuel Blum.

He works in various fields of computer science, mainly the foundations of cryptography. He is especially notable for creating non-malleable cryptography, visual cryptography (with Adi Shamir), and suggesting various methods for verifying that users of a computer system are human (leading to the notion of CAPTCHA).[1]

His brother Seffi Naor is also a computer scientist.

He was named an IACR fellow in 2008.


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