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Braas Monier Building Group
Type S.A.
Key people Pepyn Dinandt (CEO)
Products Roofing materials, chimney and ventilation systems
Revenue 1,228.2 million euros (2013)
Employees 7,400 (2013)

The Braas Monier Building Group is a manufacturer and supplier of building materials for pitched roofs, as well as roof, chimney and ventilationsystems. According to its own figures, the Group comprises subsidiaries in 36 countries, and operates 107 production sites in 27 countries. In 2013, it recorded sales of 1,228.2 million euros, and as at 31 December 2013, it had 7,400 employees.[1]


Product group Description
Roofing tiles The company manufactures concrete and clay roofing tiles for pitched roofs in new build and renovation. The tiles are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and surfaces. The “Frankfurter Pfanne” (Frankfurt tile), which was introduced to the market by Braas in 1954, is one of the most popular tile designs in Germany. Since the 1950s, it has been the tile most used by builders in Germany, and it is also sold in a further 26 countries[citation needed].
Roofing components Roofing components enhance the functionality of a roof. They include underlays, ridge and hip seals, roof outlets, abutments, snow and safety systems as well as gutters, valleys, eaves, fixings and roof windows. In 2009 Braas Monier also launched an insulation portfolio for pitched roofs. The company is also active in the photovoltaic and solar thermal business and markets solar fixings.
Roofing systems Roofing systems are complete roofs incorporating design features and/or components aimed at adding functionality, such as energy efficiency. For example, in Malaysia, Monier offers a construction that is used together with components such as radiant barriers. This is designed to stop buildings from overheating in the tropical climate, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning.
Chimney and ventilation systems, fireplaces These products are marketed under the Schiedel brand name in 27 European countries and the US. Schiedel manufactures chimney systems from ceramic and stainless steel for residential and commercial buildings. It also makes ventilation systems that aim to ensure rooms are well-aerated (particularly important for energy-efficient houses) as well as fireplaces (both open hearth /chimney systems and wood-burning stoves).


The Group owns several brands, including:

  • Braas (Germany, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey)
  • Coverland (South Africa)
  • Monier (various countries in Europe and Asia Pacific)
  • Redland (UK)
  • Schiedel (25 countries across Europe)
  • Wierer (Italy)


The Group Management of the Braas Monier Building Group comprises three members:


The name Monier first came to Australia in 1901 by way of another German, who established a concrete pipe manufacturing business at Darling Harbour in Sydney, using the Monier patent.

The company’s history dates back to 1919, when the British company Redland was founded. In 1954 Braas started production of its “Frankfurter Pfanne” at the plant in Heusenstamm near Frankfurt/Main in Germany. In 1997 the Roofing activity became a Division of the Lafarge Group.PAI Partners, a private-equity investor, purchased a majority stake in the Lafarge Roofing Division in March 2007. At the beginning of 2008, the company began operating under the name of Monier. Since 2009 the Monier Group was owned by a number of institutional investors and banks. Beginning of 2014 the Group has been renamed Braas Monier Building Group and since June 2014 the Group is listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany.

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