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Monika Kos
Born Monika Kos
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Nationality Australia Australian

Monika Kos, (born 19 July 1967 in Perth), is an Australian journalist and the current presenter of the Western Australian version of Today Tonight, a current affairs program which screens weeknights on Channel Seven Perth.


Kos began her career at the Seven Network after being educated at Loreto Nedlands and John XXIII College (leaving 1984) in 1990 as a cadet journalist. Prior to this, she was employed by radio station 6PR in a number of roles, including drive time presenter and newsreader.[1]

In 1997 Kos took up the position as host of the Western Australia edition of Today Tonight. Career highlights include interviews with Prime Minister John Howard, former Opposition Leader Kim Beazley and former One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.[1]


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