Monique Mayère

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Monique Mayère
2006 Monique sailing with Iris in Egypt.JPG
Monique in 2006
Born Monique Mayère
Nationality French
Known for Sculpture, Painting

Monique Mayère, born in 1944, is a French sculptor and painter.


Oldest twin girl of an 8-children family with Henri, Monique was a nurse in the 1960s. She also is a cousin of Philippe Bourguignon and Anne Mayère. As spouse of Jean-Claude Rodet, she had 3 children: Emmanuel (1968), Daniel (1969) and Bruno (1971). Monique co-founded a charismatic community "Le Soly" at Thurins in 1974. Then she worked in an interior architecture company "Cheminée décor" specialized in chimneys at Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne.

She got married on April 11, 1987 with Charles Uhl then created her company at Peymeinade[1] and an art gallery named Chantepierre in Nice. She sculpted statues and objects in different matters : woods, stones, plexiglas, resin and metals such as bronze, iron or gold.[2] She also produced woodcut or lithography arts and sculpted on PVC for handicraft printmaking. During the following decade, she travelled sailing in Mediterranean Sea on a boat named Iris, travel writing and painting. In 2007, she has been saved of a shipwreck in Eritrea. In 2009, she gave her lithographic printing press to an art school of Grasse. She is militant with Jean-Luc Romero in the French NGO ADMD attached to the World Federation of Right to Die Societies and member of the French Riviera's CSA close to WWOOF.

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