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Origin United States
Genres Synthpop
Years active 1999–present
Labels Flaming Fish Music
A Different Drum
Members Midihead

Monolithic is a synthpop band on the A Different Drum label. Although Monolithic is categorized in the synthpop genre, the infusion of many other sub-genres of electronic music make Monolithic's music distinctive in the synthpop scene. Genres such as breakbeat, trance, ebm, techno, industrial, and downtempo can be found in the music of Monolithic. The music of Monolithic can be described as "intense", "meaningful", "emotional", and "powerful". Midihead is the sole mastermind behind the band, and can be found in the credits of music for remixes, TV, and motion picture trailers.

In January 2006, Midihead announced that he was canceling his then-upcoming Monolithic album Evil Behind Smiling Eyes to focus on other projects. The limited pre-release collection of MP3-format tracks remains available on the official site.


Midihead, the sole member of Monolithic, started his music career at the age of 14. He worked as a DJ, and continued to perfect his skills. At the age of eighteen, he helped a friend start a nightclub, which went on to become the most famous in the state[citation needed]. In 2000, Midihead released his first solo album from his solo band, Monolithic. This album won Best Album of 2001 at the American Synthpop awards in Hollywood.[1] His musical work has appeared in: Animal Planet, ILIO Music Demos, Access Hollywood, Jake 2.0, The Matrix Reloaded, Dark Angel, The Ryan Seacrest Show, America's Next Top Model, Prison Break, Pet Star, and more. He has several albums out as well.


as Monolithic[edit]

Full-length albums[edit]

  • Power Undiminished (2000)
  • Dividing Asunder (2002)
  • Alive (2010)


  • Lulling Us to Sleep (2002)
  • House of Joy (2002)


  • Evil Behind Smiling Eyes - Collection 1 [Limited MP3-only pre-release of the full-length album] (2005)
  • In My Eyes (Midihead Remix) (2004) Original song by Akira Yamaoka.[2]

as Midihead[edit]

  • Midihead EP (2009 Fixt)


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