East Bodish languages

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East Bodish
Ethnicity: Monpa people etc.
Linguistic classification: Sino-Tibetan
Glottolog: east1469[1]

The East Bodish languages are those Bodish languages not covered by the name Tibetan, such as those spoken by the Monpa. They include:

The most divergent is Dakpa, and the most conservative is Black Mountain.

While the East Bodish languages are closely related, Tshangla and related languages of eastern Bhutan, also called "Monpa" and predating Dzongkha, form a sister branch not to the East Bodish group, but to its parent Bodish branch.[2][3] Thus the ambiguous term "Monpa" risks separating languages that should be grouped together, while grouping languages together that are quite separate.[4] Zakhring is apparently also related, though strongly influenced by Midzu (Geman) or a similar language.[5]

Internal classification[edit]

Hyslop (2010) classifies the East Bodish languages as follows.

East Bodish

Lu (2002) divides the "Menba language" (门巴语) into the following subdivisions. The southern dialect is most likely Tawang Monpa.


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